GCW Fight Forever: Block Schedule & Announced Matches

GCW Fight Forever

GCW Fight Forever is a historic independent wrestling event hosted by Game Changer Wrestling.  It is a 24-hour show that will be live-streamed and feature a number of different themed blocks with donations going towards independent wrestlers to help them offset lost earnings caused by COVID-19.  We’re here to help you keep on top of everything from what blocks are running at what time AND what matches are announced for each block.  We WILL be updating this regularly with match announcements, cancellations etc. to help you keep up with everything happening during the 24-hour extravaganza

January 29th 8-10 pm EST: Wind Of God


Black Pool 2 Out Of 3 Falls: Blackheart Lio Rush vs Blake Christian

– Joey Janela vs Treehouse Lee

– Myron Reed vs Brayden Lee

– KTB vs Matthew Justice

– Nate Webb vs 1 Called Manders

January 29th 10 pm-12 am EST: For The Culture

For The Culture makes its return to showcase exclusively black wrestlers and other wrestlers of color.


AJ Gray vs Hoodfoot

– PB Smooth vs Calvin Tankman

– Lee Moriarty vs. Saieve Al Sabah vs. Ken Broadway

– The Rep (Dave McCall & Nate Carter) vs Thick & Juicy (Faye Jackson & Willow Nightingale)

– Camaro Jackson & Mike Outlaw vs Kings Of The District (Jordan Blade & Eel O’Neal)

January 30th 12-1 am EST: UV:60 – The Death Hour

As the name suggests this hour is dedicated to deathmatch wrestling


– Shlak vs Orin Veidt

Mad Man Pondo vs Jeff Cannonball

– Homicide vs. Low Life Louie

January 30th 1-3 am EST: Jimmy Lloyd’s Up All Night

Jimmy Lloyd once again gets his own show.  At The Collective his show centered around showcasing the younger talents on the US indies, we may see this repeated here


– Jimmy Lloyd vs Starboy Charlie

– Nolan Edward vs Wheeler Yuta

– Ken Broadway vs Charles Mason

– Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude & Colby Corino) vs YDNB (Jordan Oliver, Charlie Tiger & Ellis Taylor)

– Matt Vandagriff vs Eli Everfly vs Lucky 13 vs JJ Garrett vs Lucas Riley vs Brayden Lee

January 30th 3-4 am EST: No Peace Underground

GCW hands over the reigns to a different company for an hour as No Peace Underground present their hour that they are branding Odium, who is the father of all evil.  So you know this will be a violent hour


– Joey Janela & Shlak Will do guest commentary

– Orin Veidt vs Matthew Justice

– Bam Sullivan vs Atticus Cogar

– The End (Odinson & Parrow) vs IRONBEAST (Shane Mercer & KTB)

January 30th 4 am EST: Fight Forever After Dark


– Catalyst Wrestling Championship: Colby Corino vs Cheeseburger vs Lucky 13

– Billie Starkz vs Solo Darling

– Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers & Brandon Watts) vs YDNB (Ellis Taylor & Charlie Tiger)

– Kerry Awful vs Philly Mike Swanson

January 30th 5am EST: Fight Forever After Hours


– Steve Scott vs Kung Fu Janela

– Facade vs Dani Mo

January 30th 6-7 am EST: Freelance Underground

Chicago based Freelance Wrestling steps in to take over for the next hour.  Freelance may bring some of their talent to the party during their hour


– Davey Bang vs Jacob Dean vs Trevor Outlaw

– Angel Escalera vs August Matthews vs Koda Hernandez

– Darius Latrell vs Storm Grayson

January 30th 7-8 am EST: Glory Pro Wrestling

Similarly, we will see Glory Pro Wrestling will bring their unique flavor to Fight Forever and may bring some of their regulars to the party


– Crown Of Glory Championship: AJ Gray vs Mike Outlaw

– 1 Called Manders vs Juicy Finau

– Hakim Zane & Karam vs Besties In The World (Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega)

January 30th 8-9 am EST: Black Label Pro

Indiana indie Black Label Pro will also have their own hour at Fight Forever


Black Label Pro Championship: Jake Something vs A Very Good Professional Wrestler

– Rohit Raju vs A Very Good Professional Wrestler

– Levi Everett vs 1 Called Manders

January 30th 9-10 am EST: Camp Leapfrog

The unique Camp Leapfrog will take over proceedings for an hour to showcase their brand of wrestling, keep an eye out for this one as it may be the best part of the show


9 vs 9 Cibernetico: The Best Campers Ever (Boomer Hatfield,  Molly Mccoy, Still Life With Apricots And Pears, Boar, Erica Leigh, Jay Lyon, Midas Black, ABBS & Abby Jane) vs A Very Good Professional Wrestling Team (A Very Good Professional Wrestler, Matt Makowski, Travis Huckabee, Matt Demorest, Masha Slamovich, Dan Champion, Killian McMurphy, BLANK & CC Boost)

January 30th 10 am-12 pm EST: EFFY’s Big Gay Block

The queer community snatches the spotlight for a two-hour block for Effy’s big gay block.  This block will showcase the best of the best from queer wrestlers.


– Devon Monroe vs Dark Sheik

Effy vs Billy Dixon (If you’d like an in-depth look at this match please check out our Match Point article)

– Still Life With Apricots And Pears vs MV Young vs Ace Perry

– The End (Parrow & Odinson) vs Oreo Speedwagon (Joshu Wavra & Xavier Faraday)

– Dillon McQueen vs Ashton Starr

– Chris Valentine vs Jared Evans

January 30th 12-2 pm EST: Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit

Based on the name and the host this two-hour block will see the women step forward and get some opportunities.  Since the last time independent wrestling ran regularly a number of women have been signed so there’s a whole new group of women just waiting for a chance to show what they can do


– Faye Jackson vs Erica Leigh

Allie Kat vs Willow Nightingale

– Ziggy Haim vs Brooke Valentine

– Kaia McKenna vs Holidead

– Lady Frost vs Molly McCoy

January 30th 2-3 pm EST: GCW Ironman Challenge

No information was given about this one but the ironman title makes us think that we’ll either see a one hour match or a gauntlet of some sort


Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship Iron Man Match: Jordan Oliver vs Tony Deppen

January 30th 4-5 pm EST: 440H Hour

The hated 44.OH! group is getting their own spot on the show which they have dubbed What We Want.  Their first announcement was that Eric Ryan will be on guest commentary for their slot.


– Eddy Only vs El Drunko

– 44OH! vs. The Mortons

– Gregory Iron’s RSP Championship Open Challenge

January 30th 5-6 pm EST: VXS

Violence X Suffering will wrestle control away from 44OH! to present their hour.  VXS has recently made waves with their shows and talent selections and may be ones to watch on the show.  Their block has been named Rockstar Knights


– Erick Redbeard vs Homicide

– Ken Broadway vs Gabriel Skye

Pure Wrestlign Rules: Atticus Cogar vs Daniel Garcia

January 30th 6-8 pm EST: The WRLD On GCW Part 3


Joey Janela vs Elayna Black 

G-Raver vs Cole Radrick

Chris Dickinson vs. Juicy Finau

– Joey Janela vs. Everett Connors

– Rickey Shane Page vs Starboy Charlie

GCW Fight Forever is streaming live FOR FREE on Fite TV and GCW’s YouTube Channel.  If you would like to support the competitors involved in the event please donate on Indiegogo