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Southwest Wrestling Entertainment SWE Fury

An Introduction to Southwest Wrestling Entertainment (SWE Fury)

Professional wrestling is alive and well in North Texas. Long-time Texas wrestling promoter Tom Lance formed Southwest Wrestling Entertainment in 2016. Lance previously worked with Texas legends “Gentleman” Chris Adams and General Skandor Akbar. SWE is quickly becoming a hotbed for professional wrestling in the Dallas area and looks to fill the void left behind […] READ MORE

Braun Strowman SmackDown

Monday Night RAW: Home of the Trains (And the Birds)

There have been many unnecessary and questionable undertakings on WWE programming over the years. Whether it be birthed hands, “Stand Back,” Boogeyman eating moles, Katie Vick, or Big Dick Johnson, you can always count on the WWE to bring you a weekly dose of weird and wonderful (though most often just weird.) Thankfully, many of […] READ MORE