NWA Powerrr star and NWA National Heavyweight Champion "Thrillbilly" Silas Mason.

The National Wrestling Alliance kicks off the final month of 2023 with a bang on this week’s edition of NWA Powerrr. It really has been a good year for the NWA, 365 days of some of the most incredible professional wrestling the NWA Nation and industry fans, in general, have ever seen. For the legacy promotion, they don’t […]

A photo of NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3.

Since making his debut back at NWA 74, the #overMAN EC3 has been nothing short of phenomenal in the National Wrestling Alliance. While he might be a divisive figure in some professional wrestling fans’ eyes, there is no doubting how talented he really is, and his time in the NWA, thus far, has genuinely helped EC3 […]

The logo of the National Wrestling Alliance, the promotion in charge of NWA Powerrr.

After the brutal and violent NWA Samhain, the National Wrestling Alliance is back for another rousing edition of their flagship wrestling show NWA Powerrr. This Tuesday marks the season 16 premiere of the program and the first time we will deal with the fallout from the barbaric October pay-per-view from the legacy promotion. Strap yourselves in as we […]

NWA Samhain match graphic featuring EC3, Thom Latimer, and, Kamille.

The National Wrestling Alliance caps off the month with one of the most violent and sadistic pay-per-views the legacy promotion has ever had NWA Samhain. On this night, Cleveland, Ohio will bear witness to some of the best professional wrestling today and see the most barbaric bouts only the craziest minds could ever think of. NWA […]

A promotional graphic for NWA Powerrr.

This week’s NWA Powerrr is the last stop before the promotion’s most sadistic, violent, and terrifying pay-per-view event of the year NWA Samhain. The National Wrestling Alliance will give the NWA Nation one more reason not to miss the big event this Saturday night in Cleveland, Ohio. With all that said, buckle yourselves in as we preview another exciting edition […]

NWA Powerrr match graphic featuring Max The Impaler versus MJ Jenkins.

The last edition of NWA Powerrr was quite the wild ride that brought the NWA Nation to the edge of their seats. We saw the crowning of a new NWA World Television Champion in the form of “Big Strong” Mims after he defeated Zicky Dice in a spectacular show-opener. Plus, Daisy Kill and Talos defended the NWA World U.S. Tag Team Titles […]

NWA Powerrr stars Pretty Empowered back at NWA 75.

Over the past couple of years, it seems like NWA Powerrr, the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly television program, has been knocked out of the collective consciousness of professional wrestling fans. However, if you’re not watching the one-hour show on YouTube, you’re missing out on more than a couple of great things from the NWA’s flagship program. If you’re […]

NWA Powerrr match graphic featuring Zicky Dice and other NWA stars.

NWA Powerrr just keeps on rockin’ and rolling on its way to its month-ending pay-per-view known as NWA Samhain. This week will be business as usual meaning, it’ll be another heart-pumping edition of the National Wrestling Alliance’s premier Tuesday night program on YouTube. A new champion will be crowned on this night and a lot […]

A graphic hyping up the latest episode of NWA Powerrr.

The National Wrestling Alliance welcomes the month of October with another exhilarating edition of NWA Powerrr. We’re a couple of weeks away from NWA Samhain. However, the NWA is not letting up one bit with the stacked card it has in store for the NWA Nation. Without any further ado, here’s a preview of this week’s Tuesday night show […]

An NWA Powerrr graphic featuring EC3 in the middle and other NWA stars.

On this week’s NWA Powerrr, two of the National Wrestling Alliance’s richest prizes will be up for grabs. A four-way to determine who advances to the NWA World Television Championship Tournament finals. Plus, two of the finest in the promotion’s women’s division collide. It’s a stacked card from top to bottom! Let’s buckle up, because at 6:05 PM, […]

NWA Powerrr graphic featuring Natalia Markova and the NWA Women's Division.

The 15th season of NWA Powerrr has been firing on all cylinders, and there have only been two episodes of this new era of the National Wrestling Alliance. Last week’s edition saw the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion lay down the challenge of a lifetime for a dream match many would love to see. Plus, we saw an […]

NWA Powerrr promotional graphic featuring NWA Champions.

The Season 15 premiere of NWA Powerrr was quite an amazing show. A new look, new champions, and a new era have officially begun for the National Wrestling Alliance. This week, the roll that the NWA is on has no signs of slowing down as another edition of the legacy promotion’s Tuesday night YouTube wrestling […]

A graphic advertising the Season 15 premiere of NWA Powerrr.

This week’s edition of NWA Powerrr marks the Season 15 premiere of the exciting Tuesday night wrestling show. Also, it’s the first episode since the company’s latest pay-per-view and we deal with the fallout from the legacy promotion’s 75th anniversary spectacular NWA 75. The two-day event saw multiple titles change hands and brought “The Chase” a […]

A photo of Pretty Empowered at NWA 75.

NWA 75 was quite the two-night extravaganza filled with memorable matches and, of course, monumental title changes! Let’s quickly run down the championship changes that took place at “The Chase.” Night Two’s Title Changes On the pre-show, night two started off hot and heavy as the duo of Talos and Daisy Kill vanquished the rough-and-tumble tag team of […]

Max The Impaler wins NWA World Women's Television Championship at NWA 75.

It’s only the first night of the National Wrestling Alliance in “The Chase” for NWA 75 and already several things has happened, namely, four title changes. Let’s quickly run down these title changes before the NWA proceeds with night two of NWA 75. Four New Champions Crowned at “The Chase” The Prophecy fulfilled. @_theyaremax_ is your new NWA […]

An NWA 75 match graphic featuring Tyrus and EC3.

The National Wrestling Alliance celebrates a monumental milestone in its history with NWA 75. The Chase is the place as the 75th Anniversary Show emanates from the Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri. One legendary promotion, two action-filled nights of the best professional wrestling out there. With all that said, let’s get the ball rolling. Here […]

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CM Punk posing with Triple H after his return to the company at WWE Survivor Series 2023.
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AEW All In 2024 promotional poster.
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On Friday 1st December, AEW All In tickets go on sale. Several days after, CM Punk returns to the promotion he calls “home.”   On Sunday, 27 August 2023, I experienced nirvana. As part of this community, a union of voices, we chanted, swore, and sang until our throats hurt. It brought catharsis. It felt […]

Pro Wrestling NOAH's "NOAH the Best" 2023 event poster.
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Pro Wrestling NOAH returns to PPV this weekend live from the famous Yokohama Budokan Arena with a stacked lineup featuring the roster of NOAH and a very special tag team main event. GHC Heavyweight Champion Kenoh will team up with his teacher Jinsei Shinzaki to face former KONGOH partner Manabu Soya and one of his […]