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NWA Powerrr Recap (2/27/24)

An NWA Powerrr match graphic.

“Does anyone have the Buzz to Dethrone them?”

This week’s episode of NWA Powerrr started strong with a video package detailing the rise of Pretty Empowered. The episode would end with a main event putting the NWA Women’s Tag Titles on the line.

Your Opening Contest is Set for One Fall

Joe Alonzo and Blake Troop opened the action this week. The former MMA fighter, Troop, used his grappling arsenal throughout the match.

Alonzo would rely heavily on his speed and agility, whereas Blake Troop would use size and brute strength. The Chief Referee of the NWA Jarrod Fritz, would require both competitors to stay within the confines of the NWA rulebook. 

Alonzo would chop down the tree with a sneaky eye gouge and a chop block. Ring awareness became a huge part of the match when Joe would tie Troop up in the ring apron for a flurry of offense. Troop would get the victory in a referee stoppage after a knockout kick and a chokehold.

Austin Idol would cut a promo on the Country Gentlemen next. Idol brought back former US Tag Team Champ and partner AJ Cazana for the match. The promo would paint the picture of the turmoil between the former champions and how Cyon and Anthony would defeat them one last time.

“They’re puppets, they’re toys. We are Madison Square Garden people, We’re big people. We are sellout people… We are shaved Jerry Lawler’s head in a ravenous MidSouth Coliseum, people.”

Magic Jake vs Miserable Alex 

The second contest saw athleticism and speed, as Alex Misery went head-to-head with Magic Jake Dumas. Commentary would say Alex Misery was on work release from the insane asylum.

“That Magical Bastard” Magic Jake Dumas, is the #1 contender for the World’s TV champion. So, after next week’s rematch between Max the Impaler and Matt Mims, Jake is next in line.

Dumas would take an early advantage with a jumpstart. Alex Misery, a former member of LAX, showcased his athleticism throughout the contest. Galli and Dealz would build the match well arguing the legality of MMA moves in wrestling. It made sense at the time.

Jake would slow Dumas down to regain control. Misery would take the match to the outside late and utilize a high-risk offense. Alex would dive off a table from the stage area and flip onto Dumas on the floor. The match would finish the ring with Magic Jake getting the pinfall after a tombstone piledriver and a moonsault.

Memphis Gets Over Everywhere

The semi-main event was the tag team match between the Southern Gentlemen and Cyon and Anthony Andrews. The promo from earlier in the episode told the story of how important this match was to the competitors.

Andrews and Cazana held the US Tag Team Titles for 208 days and this was the first time they had crossed paths since they dropped the belts at NWA 75

Casey Cazana would start the match with a jumpstart and a brawl would ensue. The two teams would fight all over the ring. Cyon and Andrews would regain their composure and start to take control of the match. 

Throughout the match, both managers Idol and Father Cazana would cross paths. Their rivalry goes back to a bloody match between Idol’s team and the Gentlemen last year. This interference would continue on both sides as the teams fought for control.

The final blow would happen when Idol took out Cazana with a pair of brass knuckles. This distraction outside the ring would give the wrestlers inside the ring to score the pinfall. With a handful of shorts, Anthony Andrews would pin his former brother in the middle of the ring with a handful of tights.

Your Main Event of the Evening

Hand Selected by Jazz, a very important role in the NWA women’s division, the King Bees were brought in to challenge the unstoppable Pretty Empowered.

Pretty Empowered plays dirty but in the right ways. They utilize the distraction to keep the ref busy and show the old-school teachings from the locker room. Charity King of the Bees would be hung out on the top rope, and Kylie Paige would regain control.

The story of this match was that for every dirty play Pretty Empowered had, the King Bees had a response. A huge crossbody by Danni Bee would start a comeback but Paige would shut it down.

After a pair of hot tags, pandemonium would ensue. After the ring clears and Charity King hits a huge power slam on Ella Envy, we close NWA Powerrr with new Women’s Tag Champs.

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