RevPro Zoe Lucas Gisele Shaw
RevPro Loses Women’s Champion Ahead of Comeback Show as NXT UK Lures Away Jamie Hayter
Glen Campbell - Jul 2, 2021

RevPro Announces Card for Live at the Cockpit 51 England’s Revolution Pro Wrestling has announced its fight card for its July 4 show at The Cockpit in London, England. Although the RevPro event has sold out, tickets were sold at limited capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions. Until July 19, London is in a state of […]

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CM Punk Speaks AEW Rampage results
AEW Rampage Results and Analysis (9/3/21)

The final stop for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) ahead of All Out would be Rampage. The show would air live this week from Chicago as three matches would take up the time, delivering top-notch action from beginning to end. Here are the AEW Rampage results for the final show before All Out. AEW Rampage Results […]

Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor
Preview: WWE SmackDown (9/3/21) – Roman Reigns Vs. Finn Balor
Niklas George - Sep 3, 2021

Well, it goes without saying that it is Friday once more. Friday Night SmackDown has arrived. In typical WWE fashion, we have just one match announced for tonight’s show: a WWE Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Finn Balor. We are used to just the one match being announced and, at this point, are […]

ChocoPro 151
Preview: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #151 (9/5/21) – Fujita/Akki vs. Mizumori/Koishikawa

Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling will close out this upcoming weekend with ChocoPro #151, taking place in the now dry venue of Ichigaya Chocolate Square. Following Gatoh Move’s “Summer Vacation Special” 2 episodes prior, the crew has been hard at work while Lulu Pencil and Emi Sakura have been away in America. Thus far, the chaotic […]

EFFYs Big Gay Brunch Chicago
Preview: GCW EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch Chicago (9/5/21)

This Sunday, Game Changer Wrestling has a single goal in mind: to make Chicago gayer. To this end, they will hold their semiregular event that shines a light on LGBTQ wrestlers on the independent circuit. Enter EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch Chicago, set to take place this Sunday at Grand Sports Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The […]

Fight 4 Your Dreams Test of Strength
Preview: Test of Strength – Fight 4 Your Dreams (9/4/21)

At Fight 4 Your Dreams, Connecticut-based organization Test of Strength is showcasing eight huge matches as feuds come to a head and new ones might even be ignited! Let’s run down the full card for the show to come. Fight 4 Your Dreams Full Card Vicious Vicki & Davienne vs JC Storm & Becca It […]

Best WWE Matches of the Month
WWE Matches of the Month: August 2021

Every month, our own Scott Edwards compiles his own list of the best WWE matches of the month. From Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, the options are seemingly endless. The matches will include ones you may not think about as well as ones you hear about on social media as soon as they finish. PPV or […]

LAWE Wrestling
LAWE’s Purchase Of WWC Falls Through; Colóns Exit The Company

Puerto Rico’s landscape continues to stay in flux as the newly created Latin American Wrestling Entertainment is reported to have failed its attempt at purchasing the near 50-year-old legendary territory of the island, World Wrestling Council. It is already showing a massive crack as the very family that started it “revolutionize” the business opts to […]

CM Punk Speaks AEW Rampage results
Preview: AEW Rampage (9/3/21) – CM Punk Speaks Live

Rampage will be the penultimate event before the premier showcase of All Elite Wrestling, and it’s time to preview this huge event. Just two days away from the much-anticipated All Out event, the stage is set for another chaotic and exciting edition of AEW Rampage. “The Best in The World” CM Punk speaks live in front […]