Reports: RevPro to Merge with Southside Wrestling Entertainment

It’s been a day of shocking developments in the UK indie scene, as OWE United Kingdom (the UK tour for China’s Oriental Wrestling Entertainment) announced the upcoming tour would be delayed amid controversy (including the VP stepping down) and Breed Pro Wrestling postponing their anticipated Starrcave event (a wrestling event inside a cave). But the biggest news reported on-line was that Revolution Pro (RevPro) had purchased and/or merged with another longstanding UK indie, Southside Wrestling Entertainment (SWE). At present, details are still somewhat muddy, but an official announcement is expected soon.

While deals of RevPro’s acquisition have not been made public yet, it’s expected that RevPro will inherit SWE’s territory (so to speak) in the Sheffield, Stevenage and St. Neots area, and talents working with SWE would begin working with RevPro’s roster. Staff from SWE would transition into new roles with RevPro. RevPro was founded in 2012 and is arguably the #2 UK indie behind PROGRESS, enjoying a strong surgence as part of the IWGP Conception in alliance with NJPW, Ring of Honor, and Mexico’s CMLL.

SWE, based out of the Cambridgeshire area of England, was founded in 2010 and for nearly a decade has been one of the UK’s premier indie promotions. Outside of Pro Wrestling EVE and PROGRESS Wrestling, SWE has arguably had one of the strongest influences on women’s wrestling as well – something RevPro has lacked of late – and the hopes are that with SWE’s talents coming in that it will relieve a lot of the pressures of RevPro owner Andy Quidlan and that RevPro’s women’s division will see a revamp and a reboot.

While it is still in the whispers and rumors stage of development, by all accounts it appears as though SWE will finish up with their last announced shows before the merger takes place, with all future shows being booked under the RevPro banner.

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