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NWA Powerrr Recap (3/26/24)

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NWA Powerrr opens with a recap of the rivalry between the Southern Gentlemen and Austin Idol’s crew of Cyon and Anthony Andrews. This blood feud from last year is spilling over into 2024, as these two are the main events. More than the Natty is on the line, pride is hanging in the balance.

“Fighting for their pride, fighting for their family, and fighting for their legacy.”

Your Opening contest is Scheduled for One Fall

In a semi-final match for the fatal four way, and a shot for the NWA National Heavyweight Title, Burchill faced off against Magic Jake Dumas. Commentary reminded us that Dumas is also the number one contender for the TV title as well, currently held by Max the Impaler.

Burchill would use speed and strength early to gain control. The “Sadistic Mystic” would regain control and maintain it for the middle portion of the contest. Leaning heavily into the injuries sustained by Burchill, at the hands of ‘Thrilbilly’ Silas Mason, Dumas would focus on the left arm.

The swelling would continue in the left bicep, but Burchill would fight through the pain. He would collect all of his strength and work solely off his right side for the rest of the match. After a missed moonsault by Jake, Burchill would hit a running knee. The “Grit Your Teeth” DDT would be enough for Burchill to get the win and a ticket to Hard to Kill.

The women’s world champion, Kenzie Paige, had choice words for her opponent for Hard Times. During her promo, Paige would call Natalia Markova the “Little Engine that could Never.” She would continue to use her words to cut deep, saying that at Hard Times it would be hard times for Natalia.

An Unsanctioned Match that Stole the Show

A falls count anywhere match set up personally by Vampiro saw Alex Misery and former tag champ Mecha Wolf steal the show. From beginning to end, this was easily the match of the night. The two wrestlers went outside early. Stepping the aerial assault up, Alex Misery climbed all the way to the top of the Power Station before delivering a devastating cross body.

Alex Misery would stay in control hitting a big running bulldog out of the corner. Mecha Wolf, using his veteran instincts, shut the assault down with a popup penalty kick and would later pour salt on Misery’s wounds and the crowd, but mouthing off to everyone in attendance.

After Mecha Wolf regains control Misery would come back with his agility and speed. A ripcord roundhouse kick and some flash offense put Misery back in the fight.

“This is awesome” chants from the fans filled the studio as Mecha Wold hit a super German suplex and his signature running knee to finish Misery off. Although a losing effort, Alex Misery continues to showcase his natural ability as a Jr. Heavyweight. The eventual showdown between him and Colby Corino will be an instant classic.

The Overman and The Muscle Men

The reigning NWA world champion EC3 had something to say to Thrillbilly.

“You intrigue me, how could you not.” He referenced another level of hell awaiting Mason. He would go on to say “You want to be the man Silas, but not yet.” EC3 would say that it was his time. The champion would reference the great before them and where he feels he stands. From to Steamboat, the title is his now, because,

“If you want to be the man, you have to beat this man, the Overman.”

In the semi-main event the tag team of Jax Dane and Tim Storm went head to head with the recently reformed Magnum Muscle. With Mims back in tag team action, after his successful TV title reign, they look to regain control in the tag team division.

There seems to be some rust between the two as Storm and Dane take control early. Dane and Storm would use their years of experience to take control of the match. As the match continues and Magnum Muscle regains their composure, they remind you why they could be quality contenders for the tag titles.

The distance between Dak Draper and Mims continue as a hot tag leads to Mims being stranded in the middle of the ring. Dane would sit down into his version of the Camel Cluch, “Trap City” and Mim’s tag partner woud be nowhere to be found.

The New Spectaculars and Your Main Event

Eric Smalls, Knox and Murdoch are going to be at next week’s Powerrr, and the New Spectaculars 2.0, more specifically Rolando Freeman, had plenty to say, but most importantly the New Spectaculars 2.0 felt disrespected. Slade would say he wanted his taste of Knox and Murdoch and they would never be as Spectacular as them.

In the main event, Cyon and AJ Cazana went head to head in the end of their two families’ blood feud. AJ’s father Joe Cazana was barred from ringside due to a suspension and assault on Austin Idol a few weeks prior.

Cyon, the underdog based on size, would control a good portion of the match. The two competitors would work every inch of the ring. Both managers in their respective corners would keep the match fairly honest and down the middle. AJ Cazana would start a comeback but Cyon would finish the match with a huge crossbody.

This loss continues a losing streak for the Southern Gentlemen and puts Cyon on a path back to the National Heavyweight Title.

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