Preview: GCW The Art of War 2022 (9/3/22)


It’s that time of year again – it’s time for War Games. This Saturday, Grand Sports Arena in Chicago, Illinois will be the stage for GCW The Art of War 2022. Game Changer Wrestling dabbled with the historic War Games concept last year, holding a show that included the iconic steel cage enclosing two wrestling […] READ MORE

#AndNEW: Title Changes at The People vs GCW

Live from Nashville Fairgrounds, Game Changer Wrestling held The People vs GCW. During this evening’s action, multiple title matches took place. Fans wondered whether they would see title changes take place at one of GCW’s many events of the year. This is especially true given that no fewer than 3 championships were on the line. […] READ MORE

Preview: GCW Astronaut (3/12/22)


Game Changer Wrestling is set to make its Atlanta, Georgia debut with GCW Astronaut. As the name suggests, the company’s most popular wrestlers and outside talent alike will be shooting for the stars, aiming to make an impression at the legendary Center Stage. This venue is no stranger to wrestling, having hosted events for such […] READ MORE

GCW to Run Hammerstein Ballroom on January 23, 2022


During GCW Fight Club, company founder and promoter Brett Lauderdale stood in the ring to make a special announcement. He tried to make said announcement earlier in the night, only to be interrupted by Matt Cardona. Lauderdale reappeared later in the show to finally make the announcement, directing everyone’s attention to a video package. The […] READ MORE

Preview: GCW No Signal in the Hills (8/7/21)


Appearing for the first time in Los Angeles, California since February, Game Changer Wrestling returns to the LA area with GCW No Signal in the Hills. Arguably the largest independent wrestling company in the world isn’t coming alone, however, as GCW plans to bring its biggest names with them. The promotion last appeared in the […] READ MORE