G-Raver’s Recovery and Road to Wrestling Again

G-Raver Road to Wrestling

G-Raver has been a mainstay with Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) for some time. Known for his high-risk style in deathmatches, G-Raver has delivered plenty of exciting moments throughout his career. Unfortunately, in August of 2019, he suffered a serious injury. G-Raver’s road to wrestling again was long, but it didn’t stop him from returning to the ring.

2 Cups Stuffed

During All Out weekend, 2019 in Chicago, GCW co-promoted a show with Indiana-based promotion Black Label Pro (BLP). 2 Cups Stuffed took place in Hoffman Estates Illinois the night before All Out. The atmosphere at the Grand Sports Arena was amazing as the fans packed into the venue for the 11 PM bell time. Although the show would run until 2 AM, the crowd was loud and energetic all night. This was no more so than during the Doors, Ladders, and Chairs match. It was during this match that injury would strike G-Raver.

Towards the end of the match, Jimmy Lloyd pulled a ladder with light tubes tapped to the top of it from under the ring. He set the ladder up and G-Raver climbed used another ladder to meet him at the top. When Lloyd attempted to brainbuster G-Raver onto the top of the ladder and the light tubes, the tray of the ladder snapped causing both to lose balance. G-Raver landed arm first onto the top of the ladder and the light tubes. This caused a long cut in his arm and a lot of blood loss. G-Raver was rushed out of the ring and to the hospital where it was determined he barely missed an artery. The nerve damage, however, would create a long road to recovery for G-Raver.

G-Raver’s Road to Wrestling Again

G-Raver was rushed to a hospital only minutes area from the venue. He blacked out in the car from the blood loss on the way to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, he received stitches and an IV for the wound. Although the wound was closed, he was not out of the woods, as the glass from the light tube damaged a nerve, leaving him without feeling in his left hand. This started G-Raver’s road to wrestling again. A Go Fund Me was set up by a fan, and a charity wrestling show featuring Danny Havoc was set up to help support G-Raver financially. After surgery, G-Raver spoke to the WCW Nation Facebook page and showed a bit of mobility in his hand, but still could not completely bend or have full feeling in his hand.  This would not stop G-Raver from stepping into the ring again.

Return to the Ring

G-Raver returned to the ring on the second night of  H20‘s The Last Extravaganza against Marcus Mathers on Halloween 2020. From here, G-Raver returned to GCW to confront Jimmy Lloyd in the ring for the first time since the injury occurred. He confronted Jimmy Lloyd at the Nick Gage Invitational after Lloyd took place in a scramble match. After embracing Lloyd, G-Raver turned on Lloyd, blaming him for the injury before attacking and lighting Lloyd on fire.

This set up an I Quit match against the two at GCW Good Riddance. G-Raver won after Jimmy Lloyd quit the match just before G-Raver pushed a wooden board with scissors attached into his abdomen while Lloyd was tied to the ropes. After the match, G-Raver cut a promo on Lloyd, reminding him that this isn’t over. He spit into Lloyd’s face and yelled that he won’t be done until he is handicapped like G-Raver was.

G-Raver’s road to wrestling again was anything but easy, but he didn’t let anything stop him from getting back in the ring. Judging by his match at Good Riddance, he is far from done with Jimmy Lloyd. We will see how his storylines and matches work out in GCW and other promotions. His return to the ring is an amazing triumph and I look forward to seeing where he goes from here.

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