#AndNEW: Nanae Takahashi & Arisa Nakajima Win Beyond The Sea Titles

Nanae Takahashi & Arisa Nakajima

On the most recent SEAdLINNNG show we were treated to an insane dream match as Sareee and Yoshiko defended the Beyond The Sea Tag Team Championships against the superteam of Nanae Takahashi and Arisa Nakajima.  The former rivals teamed up as they knew only they could dethrone Yoshiko and Sareee.  It was a very close call but Takahashi and Nakajima got the job done.

Going in we knew that this was Sareee’s last match before departing for the WWE.  She had however stated her intentions to retain the titles here and vacate them, something nobody would put past her.  And it was a close call as the match went over 25 minutes, leading many to wonder if we’d see a draw.  In the end the superteam of Nanae Takahashi and Arisa Nakajima got the win to claim the titles.

Takahashi and Nakajima have been long term rivals at the top of the SEAdLINNNG card, now that they’re united they present an unstoppable opponent for anyone to try and beat.  They are still two of the top three performers in the company and beating them will be a tough ask for anyone.  They will get a further test of their tag capabilities as their next match has already been decided.  On SEAdLINNNG’s next show they will take on Momo Watanabe and Saya Iida of Stardom.

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