Hazuki Joins STARS

STARS' Newest Lineup

Just one day after their Kawasaki Super Wars event Stardom headed to Korakuen Hall for a tag league show which featured the titanic clash between AphroditE (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani) and FWC (Hazuki & Koguma).  The two teams battled to a time limit draw in league action but it is what went down after the match that made the headlines.

After the match, Koguma implored Hazuki to join STARS. Koguma and Hazuki’s relationship goes way back as the two competed alongside each other back in 2015 before Koguma’s retirement, their battle in Hazuki’s return match was aptly named the “reunion of destiny” for the two whose paths diverged many years ago. The injured Saya Iida also made an appearance to say that she wanted Hazuki to join STARS.  Saya Iida is notably the protege of Hazuki and Kagetsu and continued to train with them even when both were retired.

With such strong bonds in place STARS leader Mayu Iwatani had no objections to Hazuki joining the babyface group. Hazuki accepted the invitation and became an official member of STARS for the first time in her career.  Hazuki joining STARS is a breath of fresh air for the faction which had been left reeling by Iida’s injury and the heel turn of Starlight Kid, now bolstered with one of Stardom’s top talents the group can look towards regaining their former glory with Iwatani, Koguma, and Hazuki leading the charge.

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