Preview: Stardom – Kawasaki Super Wars (11/3/21)

Kawasaki Super Wars Main Event

Stardom heads to the Todoroki Arena in Kawasaki for their first major show after Osaka Dream Cinderella.  Stardom is bringing a loaded lineup to Kawasaki as the recent returnee Hazuki challenges Utami Hayashishita for the World of Stardom Championship in the main event. That isn’t the only title match scheduled for Kawasaki Super Wars but it is the biggest match by a distance.  Let’s take a look at the full card.

Kawasaki Super Wars Full Card – (11/3/21)

  • Dark Match: Mai Sakurai vs Waka Tsukiyama
  • Future Of Stardom Championship: Ruaka (c) vs Lady C
  • Saya Kamitani vs Maika vs Mina Shirakawa
  • High Speed Championship: Starlight Kid (c) vs Momo Watanabe
  • Red Goddess Block Match: I Love Tokyo Sports (Fukigen Death & Saki Kashima) vs Water and Oil (Rina & Hanan)
  • Tag League Special: Donna Del Mondo (Himeka & Natsupoi) vs STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Koguma)
  • Right To Challenge Briefcase & SWA Championship: Syuri (c) vs AZM
  • Wonder Of Stardom Championship: Tam Nakano (c) vs Unagi Sayaka
  • World of Stardom Championship: Utami Hayashishita (c) vs Hazuki

Future of Stardom Championship – Ruaka (c) vs Lady C

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Ruaka makes defense number one of her newly won championship against Lady C. Lady C, notably Stardom’s tallest wrestler, had a long road to getting her first win and didn’t wait long after that win to challenge for the future belt.  Ruaka will likely retain her title in this one as Lady C isn’t in a position to hold this title just yet.

High Speed Championship – Starlight Kid (c) vs Momo Watanabe

Initially, this was just a random 5STAR GP rematch that Stardom made for the show. Things have grown from there with Kid goading Watanabe into challenging for the high speed championship by insinuating that Watanabe eats too much and can’t wrestle at high speed anymore. Stardom has put itself in a weird situation here as neither Watanabe nor Kid should really be losing this match and it feels like a weird use of Watanabe who was just in the 5STAR Grand Prix final.  Despite the weird story surrounding the match these two never fail to deliver in the ring against each other and we expect this one to be no different as Starlight Kid is on the run of her career.

SWA Championship & Right To Challenge Briefcase – Syuri (c) vs AZM

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Syuri and AZM clash once again, this time with both Syuri’s SWA Championship and her World of Stardom Championship briefcase on the line.  Despite the amazing chemistry Syuri and AZM have they face an uphill battle here as we’ve seen this pattern play out with them already, AZM pins Syuri in a tournament and Syuri gets her win back in the title match a few months later. This should be a fun match but there won’t be much drama involved.

Wonder of Stardom Championship – Tam Nakano (c) vs Unagi Sayaka

Stablemates collide for the championship here as Tam Nakano look to retain her championship against Sayaka, who beat Nakano on the opening day of the 5STAR Grand Prix.  At the last major Stardom event Unagi Sayaka lost the Future of Stardom Championship and we’d expect her to suffer another loss here as she just isn’t ready to win this championship yet. There’s no doubt Sayaka will hold this title in the near future but this isn’t her time. The big question is who can stop Nakano?

World of Stardom Championship – Utami Hayashishita (c) vs Hazuki

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In a match that many Stardom fans thought they’d never see Hazuki challenges Utami Hayashishita for the World of Stardom Championship.  When Hazuki initially retired in December of 2019, Hayashishita was a prodigy on the rise who was earmarked for success.  By the time Hazuki returned Hayashishita was the world champion and had assumed her spot at the very top of the company.  Hazuki’s chances of winning are unfortunately slim but she has a chance here to re-establish herself as a main event player in Stardom.

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