Stardom News: Mai Sakurai Joins Cosmic Angels

Mai Sakurai with the Cosmic Angels

At today’s Stardom event in Korakuen Hall, the Cosmic Angels gained a new member as Stardom’s recent debutant Mai Sakurai requested to join the faction.  Her opponent on the day, Unagi Sayaka, initially rejected the request but the faction leader Tam Nakano accepted Sakurai’s proposal after getting assurances that Sakurai would try her best.  Sakurai lost her Stardom debut against Sayaka in a Future of Stardom Championship match but must have impressed Nakano enough to convince her to let Sakurai join the faction.

Mai Sakurai Joins Cosmic Angels

Mai Sakurai becomes the fourth member of the Cosmic Angels, something that fans have wanted as the group needed a new member to freshen the group up.  Sakurai can also slot in as a natural pin-taker for the group which will hopefully lead to fewer Cosmic Angels time limit draws on Stardom shows.

Sakurai slotting in as the fourth member is something that some fans predicted as soon as she joined the promotion, her age, background in entertainment, and lack of experience all pointed to her becoming the newest member of the Cosmic Angels.  It will be interesting to see what Sakurai can add to the dynamic of the Cosmic Angels as the group was somewhat limited with three members, now we may see a permanent tag team emerge from the group who could step up and challenge for the Goddess of Stardom Championship.

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