Preview: Stardom – Kawasaki Super Wars (11/3/21)


Stardom heads to the Todoroki Arena in Kawasaki for their first major show after Osaka Dream Cinderella.  Stardom is bringing a loaded lineup to Kawasaki as the recent returnee Hazuki challenges Utami Hayashishita for the World of Stardom Championship in the main event. That isn’t the only title match scheduled for Kawasaki Super Wars but it is the […] READ MORE

Preview: Stardom – 10th Anniversary Grand Final Osaka Dream Cinderella (10/9/21)


Stardom heads to Osaka-Jo Hall for the first time ever for one final 10th anniversary celebration.  Stardom 10th Anniversary Grand Final Osaka Dream Cinderella will not only retire the “dream cinderella branding” for Stardom but it will also be the first women’s show in Osaka-Jo Hall since AJW Wrestling Queendom in 1993.  Stardom has pulled […] READ MORE

Takumi Iroha Officially Announced as X, Will Take Part in Stardom’s 5STAR Grand Prix


On Sunday during Stardom‘s 5STAR Grand Prix press conference and autograph signing, Saya Kamitani accidentally revealed that Marvelous’ Takumi Iroha is entering the tournament as the X in the Blue Stars block. Kamitani was going on about who she was interested in facing during the match, stating her AphroditE partner Utami Hayashishita, Syuri, Tam Nakano, […] READ MORE

Top 5 Joshi Matches Of The Month (June 2021)

The Joshi wrestling scene (Japanese Women’s Wrestling) is a deep scene full of insanely talented performers and every month there are dozens of fantastic matches from promotions from Stardom to PURE-J and everywhere in between.  In this article, we aim to give readers a list of recommended Joshi matches that took place in the last month, there will be […] READ MORE

Preview: Stardom – Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 In Summer (7/4/21)


Just weeks after Tokyo Dream Cinderella Stardom returns to PPV for Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 in Summer.  This is the first of three Stardom events at the Yokohama Budokan in the space of 30 days as later in July they will kick off their annual 5STAR Grand Prix tournament.  Yokohama Dream Cinderella will feature Utami Hayashishita defending […] READ MORE