Preview: Stardom Triangle Derby Final (3/4/23) – Giulia vs Yukihi

Stardom Triangle Derby final graphic

Stardom’s next pay-per-view will feature not just the final rounds of the Triangle Derby but it will also play host to a number of big singles matches as the High Speed, Wonder, and World titles are all on the line. In addition, Himeka’s retirement road rolls on as she takes on Chihiro Hashimoto. Let’s preview the full card for the Stardom Triangle Derby final show.

Stardom Triangle Derby Final Card

  • Pre Show: Hina vs Rina vs Miyu Amasaki
  • Pre Show: Utami Hayashishita & Lady C vs Maika Ozaki & Chairman Ram (RebelxEnemy)
  • Mina Shirakawa, Mariah May & Waka Tsukiyama vs Maika, Mai Sakurai & Thekla
  • Mayu Iwatani, Koguma, Hanan, Saya Iida & Momo Kohgo vs Natsuko Tora, Momo Watanabe, Saki Kashima, Fukigen Death, Ruaka
  • Triangle Derby Semi Final: 7Uppp (Yuna Mizumori, Yuu & Nanae Takahashi) vs Prominence (Kurumi Hiiragi, Suzu Suzuki & Risa Sera)
  • Triangle Derby Semi Final: Aberenbo GE (Syuri, MIRAI & Ami Sorei) vs Cosmic Angels (Tam Nakano, SAKI & Natsupoi)
  • Triangle Derby Final: 7Uppp/Prominence vs Aberenbo GE/Cosmic Angels
  • Himeka Retirement Road: Himeka vs Chihiro Hashimoto (Sendai Girls)
  • High Speed Championship: AZM (c) vs Starlight Kid
  • Wonder of Stardom Championship: Saya Kamitani (c) vs Hazuki
  • World of Stardom Championship: Giulia (c) vs Maya Yukihi

Triangle Derby Winner

One way or another we will see one trios team stand tall to end this tournament. Prominence are the current Artist of Stardom Champions so our prediction is that they fall to 7Uppp in the semi-final to avoid them losing in the final to a team that may challenge for the titles soon. On the other side we are leaning towards God’s Eye as the winners. That would run back 7Uppp vs GE, which ended in a draw when the two teams fought in their block match. Of those two teams, God’s Eye are more likely to get the win as Syuri has nothing to do until Yokohama Arena and could occupy herself in the Artist title scene.

AZM vs Starlight Kid

AZM and Starlight Kid will always be rivals. They have been paired off since their early years for one reason or another and to this day, they find themselves on opposite sides of the equation. A long stretch of their rivalry was defined by their chase to become High Speed Champion, something both women have now accomplished. When Kid’s reign as champion ended last year she seemed to move past the division that once defined her as she set her sights on other titles, but she has been dragged back to the world of High Speed to have (presumably) a final clash with her old rival for the belt.

AZM has been champion for almost a year, she has knocked back all challengers in a career-defining reign that makes her the greatest High Speed Champion since the days of Natsuki Taiyo. It is only fitting, that she would face her oldest rival in the defense that would hand her the all-time record for most defenses in a single reign.

AZM will definitely come away as the winner here, but the real importance will be on the match itself as these two aim to put together one last great High Speed match before both move on from the division.

Hazuki vs Saya Kamitani

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On the final day of block action in the Triangle Derby, Hazuki pinned Saya Kamitani to get the win for her team. As she had defeated the champion, the STARS member immediately got on the microphone and laid out a challenge to the white belt champion. Since then, Hazuki has got one over on Kamitani at every turn, which means she is 200% losing here.

Kamitani’s reign has an end in sight, but the successor is almost definitely going to be Mina Shirakawa and not Hazuki.

Giulia vs Maya Yukihi

May 25, 2019 a less experienced Giulia challenges Maya Yukihi for the ICExInfinity Championship in Ice Ribbon. Fast forward to March of 2023 and now Giulia defends the World of Stardom Championship against Yukihi in Stardom. Things have changed a lot since these two women last squared off, one of the biggest changes being that neither is a part of Ice Ribbon anymore.

Despite that, Yuikihi still carries resentment for how Giulia departed Ice Ribbon back in 2019 and she hasn’t been afraid to air her anger and resentment in the lead up to this match. In fact, Yukihi hates Giulia AND Stardom for swooping in and taking Giulia almost overnight.

With all that anger built up in Yukihi and Giulia aiming to avenge her defeat 3 years ago this is sure to be a heated contest that may go the distance if their last match is anything to go by.

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