SEAdLINNNG returns to Shinkiba 1st RING on September 3 for a show with a short yet exciting card as they prepare for their big show in Shinjuku later in the month. Here’s our preview of SEAdLINNNG SHINKIBA NIGHT! SEAdLINNNG SHINKIBA NIGHT! Full Card Riko Kaiju vs Riko Kawahata The show kicks off with some of […] READ MORE

Preview: GLEAT – G PROWRESTLING Version 3 (09/01/21)


GLEAT presents G PROWRESTLING Version 3, and it’s live from Shinjuku FACE. It’s a stacked card here is a rundown of the action that’ll go down.  For any unaware, G Pro is the normal wrestling side of GLEAT and does not feature the UWF-I rules. G PROWRESTLING Version 3 Full Card Ryuichi Kawakami and Hayato […] READ MORE

Preview SEAdLINNNG – Shinkiba Night 1 (6/16/21)


SEAdLINNNG’s Shinkiba Night doubleheader kicks off on June 16 at Shinkiba 1stRING with a three-match card, featuring a huge captain’s fall unit elimination match and the in-ring return of AEW’s Ryo Mizunami.  Let’s take a look at the card for Shinkiba night 1. Preview – Shinkiba Night 1 Card Ryo Mizunami vs Riko Kaiju At […] READ MORE

#AndNEW: Titles Change Hands at OZ Academy Silver Bullet

OZ Academy ran Korakuen Hall on March 4th with a show headlined by Sonoko Kato challenging Mayumi Ozaki for the OZ Academy Openweight Championship.  Also on the card, the returning Yuu teamed with Kaori Yoneyama to challenge Kaho Kobayashi and Kakeru Sekiguchi for the tag team championships.  Both titles changed hands at the show named Silver Bullet as Ozaki’s long reign atop the company came to […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: Yuu


Armed with a bright smile and a hellish chop, Yuu is equal parts earnest and hard-hitting. As one of the premier powerhouses in the joshi puroresu scene, she has carved a name for herself in relatively short order. Whether in England, Germany, the United States, or her home country of Japan, the aspirations of the […] READ MORE

Preview: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #41 (8/17/20) Emi Sakura 25th Anniversary


The upcoming forty-first episode of ChocoPro is a special one, to say the least; this night will mark twenty-five years since Emi Sakura began her professional wrestling odyssey. From All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling to Ice Ribbon to her current home of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling, Sakura has wrestled the best and won numerous accolades along […] READ MORE

Top 50 FREE Women’s Matches of 2018 (Part 2)


Click here for part 1 of this list, where we listed the top 50 through 26 free women’s matches of last year. Before going through the top 25, we want to share a few honorable mentions. These matches all come from promotions that deserve to be on the list for the free content they’ve put […] READ MORE