Yuu Makes Stardom Debut at Stardom in Showcase Volume 1


At the June 23 Stardom in Showcase Volume 1 event the mysterious grim reaper who has tormented the company was revealed during the main event. The main event saw the reaper battle Starlight Kid and Saya Kamitani in a three-way coffin match, during the match the reaper’s mask was ripped off to reveal the debuting Yuu as the offender.

Yuu Debuts in Stardom

Yuu is currently one-half of the Sendai Girls tag team champions as part of Team 200KG with Chihiro Hashimoto and previously was a member of the Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling roster. Yuu left TJPW in 2018 and has been a free agent ever since, although she is aligned with Pro Wrestling EVE. Following her debut in Stardom Yuu is notably the first ever former TJPW Princess of Princess Champion to appear in Stardom.

Based on Yuu’s post-match comments she will continue to appear in Stardom, potentially exclusive to the Showcase events(?), and it appears she isn’t alone as the show ended with another reaper attacking Rossy Ogawa. Stardom is seemingly under attack right now with some ghosts of their past teaming up with some of the Joshi scene’s finest. Speculation on the second reaper is already at a fever pitch with names like Chihiro Hashimoto, Io Shirai, and Natsu Sumire already thrown out there. Whoever it is, one thing is for sure, Stardom is the place to be right now.

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