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Solo Sikoa is Going to Save the Bloodline Story By Becoming Its New Leader

A photo of WWE Superstar and The Bloodline Member Solo Sikoa.

Despite many premature calls of their demise, The Bloodline reached its absolute peak with the introduction of The Rock’s “Final Boss” persona. With him and Roman Reigns heading home, the calls of the group’s demise again took hold online. However, Solo Sikoa is going to save the Bloodline.

The last two weeks of WWE programming have proven he can lead this group’s next chapter. In fact, the development of his character in such a short period could signify that this part of the Bloodline saga could be the best so far.

Although all of the more established stars are on hiatus, Solo is stepping into the spotlight to significant effect in the aftermath of WrestleMania 40. Seamlessly using what worked and adding his spin to the head of the table position is interesting for viewers and signifies big things for the young superstar. 

Living with the Consequences of Losing

Paul Heyman informed his renegade ruler that losing has consequences, a realization that sparked this character change. His record could be better, though, which is what makes his current work so interesting. Yes, Jimmy Uso lost, as did Roman Reigns. The idea that they should lose their position makes sense.

That Solo Sikoa, who lost by DQ to Jey Uso the night before WrestleMania, would be the natural new leader is less obvious. It is, though, that he frequently loses, which shows Solo understands what made Roman Reign’s run as the “Tribal Chief” so compelling. It is about displaying complexity and contradiction without appearing completely weak.

Reigns was, at his core, insecure about loyalty and ultimately hypocritical. He leveraged his family’s power to confirm his own, even as he consistently needed help to secure his championship reign. It was the masterstroke of that character. He was simultaneously the greatest of all time but looked incredibly vulnerable.

Solo matches that formula perfectly but updates it to fit his career and make the story unique. Solo may be rugged, but he loses; his insecurity is in losing.

He fears those consequences and resorts to traditional Bloodline tactics to hide that fear, as Roman Reigns would do before him. Solo makes his insecurity plain to see even as he tones up the violence. It is why he surrounds himself with muscles who don’t mind taking the pins and disqualifications he used to. 

Solo Sikoa is Going to Save The Bloodline With New Blood

In hindsight, the electricity of Roman Reigns’s return to WWE in 2020 at Summerslam was almost unmatched. In an explosion of fury, he dispatched of Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman to emphatically announce his ascendence with very little said. Then, as the Bloodline grew, challenger after challenger took a vicious beatdown at the hands of Reign’s crew.

It built the group’s profile and made the threat of the Bloodline real, even with traditionally poor finishes to their matches. Although his appearance was not a surprise, Solo returned the Bloodline to that early phase of its existence.

Solo Sikoa attacking his brother Jimmy and then Kevin Owens is a throwback to the building period of the original Bloodline. In that original period, Roman also added intrigue because he kept growing his number of recruits and aided Roman’s violence. Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Sami Zayn joined the Bloodline throughout that time, and each one elevated the attacks.

The Solo Sikoa Bloodline so far got that worked. His attacks have featured the debuting Tama Tonga, and rumors are that Solo’s new Bloodline is still set to expand. His run at the top is lined up perfectly with all of the best parts of the original story. 

Not Portraying a Roman Reigns Repeat

While the new Bloodline is setting itself up similarly to the phenomenal first edition, Solo Sikoa has made this new character stand out in just two appearances. Roman Reigns was polished most of the time; he carried himself like a world champion because he was. Even without the title, he was a former champion and an experienced main event star.

He led his Bloodline like a war wary mobster, a real Tony Soprano or Stringer Bell type. He was pragmatic and calm most of the time, only resorting to true barbarism when tactically beneficial. 

Solo Sikoa is all in on the Tony Montana model for his crew. He is bold and big, throwing caution to the rules to make a statement at all costs in a naked attempt to grab power for himself. When Solo Sikoa came out in his suit, it wasn’t tailored like Reigns. Instead, it was modern, compared to the timeless look of Reign’s head on the table.

Solo strolled to the ring with a swagger he had never previously displayed and that Roman Reigns never would. Both heels are cocky, of course, but Solo has a youthful spin to the character. A WWE legend once described that aura as ruthless aggression. This pivot has made Sikoa both interesting to watch and easy to hate. 

Solo Sikoa is Going to Save The Bloodline for The Rock and Roman Reigns

The Rock and Roman Reigns came out of WrestleMania looking incredible. They made the event an incredible spectacle, and the fans are rightfully thankful to Roman, in particular, for his fantastic work for over three years. When he especially returns to the WWE, it will be almost impossible to hate him.

If Solo Sikoa can keep up his early successes as the leader of the Bloodline, he will be instrumental in giving Roman or, more unlikely, The Rock a worthy rival matching their status in WWE.

The mark of an incredible heel is how the fans feel when he loses to the face. Anybody looking for evidence of that can see what Roman Reigns did for Cody Rhodes. Although he will probably lose to a triumphant returning Reigns someday, Solo Sikoa is going to save the Bloodline to make sure that loss means something. 

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