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SEAdLINNNG Shinkiba Night Main EVent

SEAdLINNNG returns to Shinkiba 1st RING on September 3 for a show with a short yet exciting card as they prepare for their big show in Shinjuku later in the month. Here’s our preview of SEAdLINNNG SHINKIBA NIGHT!


Riko Kaiju vs Riko Kawahata

The show kicks off with some of the most exciting rookies that are a regular feature in SEAd. Kawahata hasn’t wrestled since the end of July where she lost in a triple threat but she continues to showcase how much she is progressing. Her opponent Kaiju recently lost in a singles match to Sendai Girls Junior champ Yurika Oka on the anniversary show but she came out looking like a winner. It could go either way but it would be a nice win for Las Ego’s rookie Kaiju to get the ball rolling again. 

High Speed Rules Scramble Hanako Nakamori vs Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Itsuki Aoki 

Somehow SEAd manages to put together dream matches fans didn’t even know they wanted. Nakamori and Fujimoto is a main event worthy match anywhere but adding Itsuki into it alongside referee Natsuki Taiyo and the high speed rules makes for an amazing mix of chaos and talent that can’t be missed. The high speed rules matches can often be the best match on the card, especially when you have some of the best in the business coming together. There is nothing on the line but Ice Ribbon’s ace Tsukasa looks like she could walk away with the win.

Las Fresa de Egoistas (ASUKA, Makoto and Ayame Sasamura) vs Nanae Takahashi, Yumiko Hotta and Hiroyo Matsumoto

This match serves as a prelude to the upcoming Beyond the Sea tag title match between the champions ASUKA and Makoto as they defend against Nanae and Hiroyo. Nanae and Hiroyo work great as a tag team, they proved this during the six-person tag match at the anniversary show last month. However, Hiroyo recently lost the Ice Ribbon tag titles which she held with Fujimoto but the Lady Destroyer isn’t held down easily. Adding the rookie Ayame and the legend Hotta into the mix will only add to how incredible this match can be. Ayame being surrounded by arguably the best amongst this group will help mold her into a great wrestler in the future. If ASUKA and Makoto want to keep their titles, they will want to get some momentum on their side by beating this strong team.

Rina Yamashita and Ryo Mizunami vs Arisa Nakajima and Yuu

The main event is another prelude battle, this time featuring the Beyond the Sea champion Ryo Mizunami and her opponent later this month, Yuu. Heading into this match, Ryo already defeated Arisa, who is Yuu’s partner, in an amazing match. Ryo seems to be setting herself up for a great run as Beyond the Sea champion which is fully deserved. Ryo’s tag partner Rina has also been having great singles success over in Ice Ribbon as their FantastICE champion recently defending it against Suzu Suzuki. It will be interesting to see how things work out as Arisa uses her sleek technical abilities amongst the powerhouses. This is going to be a must-win for Ryo to get some good momentum against Yuu ahead of their match on September 22.

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