Waka Tsukiyama Joins Cosmic Angels & Other Press Conference Notes

Waka Tsukiyama Speaks During her Debut

Stardom held a press conference ahead of their October 9 event at Osaka-Jo Hall the 10th Anniversary Grand Final Osaka Dream Cinderella 2021.  This turned out to be a newsworthy press conference as the Cosmic Angels gained a new member in the recent Stardom signee Waka Tsukiyama.  There were also a number of smaller news bits from the conference but Tsukiyama stole the headlined.

Waka Tsukiyama Joins Cosmic Angels

The Cosmic Angels has grown over the summer from just three members to five after they first accepted Mai Sakurai into the group, they have now gained another inexperienced newcomer in Waka Tsukiyama who made her Stardom debut not long after Sakurai did.  Both Sakurai and Tsukiyama came from Actwres girl’Z the promotion that trained Cosmic Angels leader Tam Nakano and continues the trend of Angels members coming from promotions outside of Stardom, specifically those open to idol wrestlers.  Tsukiyama immediately bonded with Mina Shirakawa over their impressive English speaking abilities so they may team up going forward.

Other Notes

During the press conference, it was confirmed that Joshi legend Chigusa Nagayo, of Crush Gals fame, will be on Japanese commentary for the Osaka-Jo Hall event.  This is a neat little nod to history as Nagayo had a legendary battle with Dump Matsumoto at this venue for All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling (AJW).

Also announced was that a new show will launch on Samurai TV this October that is dedicated to Stardom.  This move follows the end of the Occupation of the Joshi series on Samurai.

Last, but not least, Takumi Iroha vs Utami Hayashishita will have no time limit for their World of Stardom Championship bout at the 10th Anniversary Grand Final Osaka Dream Cinderella 2021 event.

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