Waka Tsukiyama Makes Stardom Debut

Waka Tsukiyama Speaks During her Debut

The world of Stardom is never quiet for long.  Just one week after a massively newsworthy event that included the shocking return of Hazuki, Waka Tsukiyama made her Stardom debut just a few weeks after leaving Actwres girl’Z.  Tsukiyama is not the only former AWG talent to make the move to Stardom recently as Mai Sakurai also made a similar switch.

A familiar scene played out during Tsukiyama’s debut as she announced her intentions to compete in Stardom before being interrupted by Future of Stardom champion Unagi Sayaka.  Sayaka offered Tsukiyama a shot at her Future of Stardom title, which she did to Sakurai during Sakurai’s debut, and let Tsukiyama know that she isn’t joining the Cosmic Angels.  Tam Nakano may have something to say about that, however.

Waka Tsukiyama is another interesting signing from Stardom, she only debuted in September 2020 for AWG and was mostly known for her gimmick which endeared her to fans of ChocoPro during her appearances there.  Stardom will likely take away her gimmick and force the rookie to rely solely on her in-ring skills which could lead to some growing pains.  STARS seems like a good fit faction-wise for Tsukiyama who will likely be on the babyface side of things, although the likelihood of her joining the Cosmic Angels can’t be ignored.

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