Why Nemanja Matić Retired From Serbia’s National Team

Nemanja Matic

Manchester United‘s Nemanja Matić has retired from international football, according to Serbian Outlet Mozza Sport. The report suggests he’s had a falling out with the Serbian FA over how certain things were handled. The national team coach insists the matter isn’t over, and that they will try to convince him to change his mind.

Why Manchester United Midfielder Nemanja Matić Retired From International Football

Nemanja Matić Has Made is Decision

Matić was on Ljubisa Tumbakovic’s squad list for the start of the Nations League. However, the Eagles’ coach will not be able to count on his services in their next clashes with Russia and Turkey.

According to the same source, Tumbaković, Serbia’s selector, will try to convince the midfielder to change his mind. At 32 years old, Nemanja Matić is a key part of the squad, which he’s appeared for 48 times.

The Serbian federation does not accept the possibility that this matter is over. In the coming days, all those who could have an impact on Nemanja’s decision will talk to the experienced midfielder. The goal of the federation is qualification for the next European Championship, and Matić could be instrumental to their attempt.

On the other hand, the player says that he has had enough of everything and remained true to his position. He wants to put this behind him, and remain focused on Manchester United. Nemanja Matić is currently vacationing with his family, and it is expected that someone from the federation will visit him to discuss the matter.

Serbia’s Racism Issue

While there is no official word from the player as to why he is retiring, one issue stands out in Serbia. In the past years, racism has been an apparent problem at international matches in the nation, and the midfielder could be unhappy about how the association is handling it.

October 2019 saw Serbia’s national football team were ordered to play two home games behind closed doors after UEFA decided to punish the “racist behaviour” of its supporters. In addition to the penalty, the federation was also fined €33,250, according to CNN.

In the country, there seems to be a belief that this problem doesn’t exist. When BBC told Partizan Belgrade’s manager Savo Milosevic about the previously mentioned penalty, he was quick to dismiss the accusations, replying: “It was not because of racism. You didn’t read well.

“We don’t have in our ministry any commission to treat that problem because we don’t have it in our country. That is my standing. I can only say that. I can only fight for these things. But, as I said so many times, we don’t have a problem in Serbia with racism,” were the words of the manager.

The mishandling and denial of a major issue from the Serbian FA could be one of the reasons for Nemanja Matić’s retirement. The midfielder could be trying to stand up to this prehistoric treatment of players, in efforts to make a change.

Fully Focused on Manchester United

For his club, Matić’s retirement at the international level is good news. He is in the later years of his career, and his body can’t handle as much load as before. The breaks he will get during these matches could help keep him fresh, and performing well for the Red Devils.

After a decent season, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s squad will look to improve on their performance next season. As a result, a rested and fully focused Nemanja Matić can be a key player in this squad, as he has shown before.

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