#AndNEW: AZM Recaptures High Speed Championship

Stardom’s Cinderella Journey in Nagaoka event saw one championship change hands as Starlight Kid lost the High Speed title to her “eternal foe” AZM.  This marks AZM’s second run as champion after her first reign was ended by Natsupoi at 2021’s All Star Dream Cinderella. AZM Recaptures High Speed Championship at Nagaoka Event Eternal Foes. […] READ MORE

Prominence Debut in Stardom, Cinderella Dates & New SWA Champion


Stardom Nagoya Supreme Fight was yet another eventful show for the rising women’s wrestling group. The headline news is obvious but in addition the company crowned a new SWA Champion and have announced some key dates for the 2022 Cinderella Tournament.  Let’s digest everything. Prominence Debut, Cinderella Venues Revealed & New Champion Prominence Risa Sera, […] READ MORE

Momo Kohgo Joins STARS

Stardom’s newest debutant had her first match for the promotion on January 23 at Edion Osaka Arena #2. Momo Kohgo lost to Unagi Sayaka to kick off her Stardom career and afterwards Sayaka made it clear that Kohgo would not be allowed to join the Cosmic Angels.  Momo Kohgo was ok with that as she […] READ MORE

Hazuki Joins STARS

Just one day after their Kawasaki Super Wars event Stardom headed to Korakuen Hall for a tag league show which featured the titanic clash between AphroditE (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani) and FWC (Hazuki & Koguma).  The two teams battled to a time limit draw in league action but it is what went down after […] READ MORE