#AndNEW: AZM Recaptures High Speed Championship

AZM Recaptures High Speed title, shows respect to Starlight Kid

Stardom’s Cinderella Journey in Nagaoka event saw one championship change hands as Starlight Kid lost the High Speed title to her “eternal foe” AZM.  This marks AZM’s second run as champion after her first reign was ended by Natsupoi at 2021’s All Star Dream Cinderella.

AZM Recaptures High Speed Championship at Nagaoka Event

Starlight Kid has a blistering run with the championship that lasted just under 180 days and featured a number of highly acclaimed bouts for the title.  The run not only elevated Kid herself but also brought the title’s prestige back up after Natsupoi’s snakebitten run as champion.  Starlight Kid currently has a match with KAIRI scheduled for Stardom World Climax day 2 so she is immediately on to bigger and better things despite losing the title.

For AZM this win represents some retribution after a tough few months. Her regular tag partner Momo Watanabe turned on Queen’s Quest to join Kid in Oedo Tai and ever since then QQ have been aiming to get some revenge. Until now they’ve come up short but AZM hit Oedo Tai where it hurts by taking the gold away from Kid.  Where her reign can go from here is up in the air, she already had a run with the title that lasted 220 days and saw her beat almost the entire division, unless new challengers emerge this run will be more of the same from AZM.

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