#AndNEW: Hazuki & Koguma Win Goddess of Stardom Championship

Hazuki & Kogua after winning the tag titles

Stardom’s hectic start to 2021 has no end in sight as new Goddess of Stardom champions were crowned on January 9 at Korakuen Hall.  The ALK team of Giulia and Syuri were looking to make their first defense of the titles in months after Giulia’s injury put a halt to their reign. But it was not to be as the FWC team of Hazuki and Koguma came away with the win. The reign of Giulia and Syuri has ended at the 280-day mark on their fifth attempted defense

This is something of a fever dream win for Stardom fans as just 12 months ago both Hazuki and Koguma were retired and neither showed any interest in returning to pro wrestling. It was Koguma who returned first, saving STARS from an attack and announcing her return to the ring after six years away. Hazuki followed a few months later, making a shocking return to Stardom after proclaiming her hatred for the company during her 2019 retirement ceremony. The two former adversaries quickly joined forces after realizing that fate brought them back together. The duo instantly clicked and won the Goddess of Stardom Tag League in 2021 to earn a shot at the champs.

The new champions were immediately confronted by the team that ALK beat for the titles as Donna Del Mondo members Maika and Himeka challenged the new champions to a match.

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