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Prominence Debut in Stardom, Cinderella Dates & New SWA Champion

Prominence backstage at Stardom

Stardom Nagoya Supreme Fight was yet another eventful show for the rising women’s wrestling group. The headline news is obvious but in addition the company crowned a new SWA Champion and have announced some key dates for the 2022 Cinderella Tournament.  Let’s digest everything.

Prominence Debut, Cinderella Venues Revealed & New Champion


Suzu Suzuki, Risa Sera, Akane Fujita, Mochi Miyagi, and Kurumi Hiiragi make up Prominence.  The hardcore/deathmatch focused group was set up when the five departed Ice Ribbon late last year.  Since then they have made strides in running their own shows while also traveling around and competing in various promotions.

Prominence had one target in mind, another Ice Ribbon alumni Giulia.  The group made it known that they wanted a piece of Giulia at Sumo Hall in March before battling with DDM. Former ICExInfinity Champion and rising star Suzu Suzuki had the biggest issue with Giulia, even though some may say that Giulia leaving opened up a spot for Suzuki to become a champion.

This is a very exciting move for Stardom and yet another massive shift in the Joshi landscape.  Prominence is made up of very talented individuals with the charismatic superstar-in-waiting Suzuki as their ace in the hole.  Any match the group are involved in is sure to deliver in spades.

Thekla Wins SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship

Thekla is another former Ice Ribbon name who has hit the ground running in Stardom. The DDM member has captured a championship in her first month with the company as she defeated Mina Shirakawa for the vacant SWA title.

Thekla was the most obvious choice to win the title as its rules restrict who can challenge.  Due to Thekla being Austrian she is eligible to defend against any of the Japanese roster members, as well as any non-Austrian internationals that may show up.

Cinderella Tournament Dates & Venues

The Cinderella Tournament is the first marquee tournament of the Stardom calendar.  Its winner is granted a wish of their choice which always leads to a title match. This was once a one-night event with all the tournament action crammed into one stacked show, but Stardom has recently made the move to extend it out (mostly to sell tickets). This year the tournament will have its biggest field ever and be spread across three days with the finals getting a dedicated show at Ota Ward Gymnasium, which is where Stardom held the 5STAR Grand Prix finals last year.

It speaks to Stardom’s ambition that they trust the tournament to deliver three nights’ worth of tournament action for the paying customers.

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