Momo Kohgo Joins STARS

Momo Kohgo Joins STARS

Stardom’s newest debutant had her first match for the promotion on January 23 at Edion Osaka Arena #2. Momo Kohgo lost to Unagi Sayaka to kick off her Stardom career and afterwards Sayaka made it clear that Kohgo would not be allowed to join the Cosmic Angels.  Momo Kohgo was ok with that as she had her eyes set on a different group.

Newcomer Momo Kohgo Joins STARS

After STARS’ match later in the night, Kohgo asked to join Mayu Iwatani’s group.  The main members of STARS were quick to accept Kohgo, who notably really wanted to learn from Hazuki. When she arrived in Stardom we knew that Kohgo had the versatility to join any of the babyface groups in Stardom but it is STARS that has picked her up, a natural fit for the former Actwres girl’Z competitor.

Momo Kohgo is the latest in a number of positive moves for STARS which at one point seemed to be dead in the water following Saya Iida’s injury and the departures of Gokigen Death and Starlight Kid.  Koguma and Hazuki coming out of retirement was the first spark for the group which then had Hanan win the Future of Stardom title and now adds prime prospect Momo Kohgo to their ranks.  2021 was a tough year for STARS but they’re gearing up to be a major player in Stardom in 2022.

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