Momo Kogho Debuts in Stardom & Syuri Vacates SWA Title

Osaka Dream Cinderella News

Stardom is kicking their year off with a bang, just a few days after the debuts of MIRAI and Thekla they have once again added to their roster with Momo Kogho appearing before their January 8 Korakuen Hall event and stating her desire to compete in Stardom.  That wasn’t the only news from this event however as Syuri decided to relinquish the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship.

Stardom News: Momo Kogho Debuts & Syuri Vacates

Momo Kogho

Momo Kogho was one of the many wrestlers who left Actwres girl’Z at the end of December 2021 when the company made its shift away from running purely pro wrestling events. While some like SAKI former the Color’s brand and Momo Tani (Kogho’s former W Momo partner) joined PURE-J, it was inevitable that we would see some of these talents show up in Stardom or TJPW.  Since her debut in 2019 Momo Kogho has mainly wrestled for Actwres and on Ice Ribbon’s lower-tier shows like Ps Party and other Dojo shows, she even went on a brief excursion to CMLL with Ice Ribbon last year after Nao Ishikawa’s injury opened up a spot. Given her ties to Ice Ribbon, it is surprising that Kogho has joined Stardom instead of opting to continue with Ice Ribbon.

Kogho is a solid signing for Stardom as she is already quite adept in the ring and like most AWG talents knows how to work to a gimmick and really project herself to an audience. As for what faction she’ll join, that is up in the air.  Kogho is versatile enough to fit any of the babyface groups in Stardom with QQ or STARS being leading candidates.

Like most newcomers, Kogho was immediately confronted by Stardom’s self titles assessor Unagi Sayaka who challenged Momo Kogho to a match.

Syuri Vacates the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship

Syuri voluntarily ended her reign as SWA champion at the 419 day mark.  Now that she is World of Stardom Champion, Syuri wanted to focus on keeping hold of it.  Syuri had a fairly good reign as SWA Champion, defending it throughout 2021 in really good matches, even if the title was made to feel like an afterthought when the 5STAR GP Briefcase came alone. Now that the title is free to a good home Thekla becomes our instant favorite to win it as she can represent Austria as champion, allowing her to defend it against anyone on the roster. Syuri was challenged to a world title match by MIRAI on this show which should keep her busy for Nagoya.

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