Stardom News: Lady C Joins Queen’s Quest, Mirai Maiumi and Thekla Revealed as Momo Masks

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Plenty of news has poured out of Stardom‘s live show today on YouTube as Lady C has joined Queen’s Quest and the Momo Masked individuals sprung onto Stardom by Giulia were revealed to be Thekla and Mirai Maiumi. Lady C’s run of being faction-less came to an end when she helped Utami Hayashishita, AZM, and Saya Kamitani as they were getting beaten down by Oedo Tai in their post-match celebration. Thekla and Mirai were part of the winning team in the main event as Thekla pinned Mai Sakurai to give Donna del Mondo the victory.

Stardom News: Lady C Joins Queen’s Quest

Lady C had been the only member on the Stardom roster without a faction. She revealed during a pre-match promo with Maika in December that she had chosen a group to join but refused to reveal it. After coming to the defense of Queen’s Quest, she was offered a spot by Hayashishita to join the group. With Momo Watanabe leaving the group at Osaka Super Wars, it opened a prime spot for someone to join the group. Lady C would accept the invitation and pose with the rest of the group before exiting.

The newest member of Queen’s Quest joined Stardom back in 2020 after being a teacher previously. She said that she would not join a faction until getting her first win, which she got on Sep. 20 against Waka Tsukiyama. Lady C now continues the trend of homegrown Stardom talent joining Queen’s Quest and will look to turn her new fortunes into much more success moving forward.

Stardom News: Thekla and MIRAI Revealed as Momo Masked Individuals, Join Donna del Mondo

When the odd Momo Mask made its first appearance at Kawasaki Super Wars, no one seemed to know what was going on in Stardom. As time went on, the mysterious masked figure continued to reappear before a second showed up at Osaka Super Wars. The world would learn at Stardom’s Year-End Climax that it was the injured Giulia who was behind it all, citing that Cosmic Angels’ newest recruits were weak and she’d show them what strong recruits are at the beginning of the year.

On the first Stardom show of 2022, it was revealed that Mirai Maiumi (now known as MIRAI), formerly of TJPW, and Thekla, formerly of Ice Ribbon, were the ones to be joining Stardom and Donna del Mondo. Mirai left TJPW at the start of September while Thekla exited Ice Ribbon at the end of November along with the many other departures.  They would roll onto a win in the main event of the show as Thekla put an end to Mai Sakurai. It was noted that Mirai will only be going by her first name moving forward, fitting for Donna del Mondo. Time will tell as to what the seven-person group of Donna del Mondo has in their future, but it sure looks like more dominance.

To see how it all unfolded, check out the video below:

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