Konami Hiatus, Giulia Return & Stardom Signing News

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It was a busy morning for Stardom as the future of three different talents was revealed ahead of their Shinjuku FACE event on December 4. The main news is that Konami will be taking a hiatus from wrestling following Stardom Dream Queendom on December 29 and will let her Stardom contract run out in the process. Giulia, Koguma, and Waka Tsukiyama were also involved in announcements which will be broken down in this article.

Konami Hiatus, Giulia Returns & Koguma/Waka Extensions

Koguma & Waka Tsukiyama

As is standard fare with Stardom they have announced that Koguma and Waka Tsukiyama have officially joined the promotion on exclusive deals. This is a common practice in Stardom to use someone for a few months before publicly locking them down as we see here with Koguma and recent signee Waka Tsukiyama. This news leaves Mina Shirakawa, Mai Sakurai, and technically Hazuki, as the only current roster members who haven’t had an announcement that they are aligned with Stardom.

Giulia Return Match

Giulia has not been seen in a Stardom ring since injury forced her out of the 5STAR Grand Prix. Giulia’s return match has now been made official as she challenged Konami to a singles match at Stardom Dream Queendom which will double as Konami’s “send-off” and Giulia’s comeback match. It’s an interesting pairing as Giulia and Konami aren’t two people that have a lot of history with each other but they did have a pair of big matches in 2020.

Konami Hiatus & Departure

Konami recently missed a bit of time from Starodm due to a health issue that had her in the hospital at one stage. She is set to take a hiatus from wrestling after Stardom Dream Queendom to focus on her recovery, during this time she will leave Stardom and technically become a freelancer. Konami intends to return when she is physically ready and has left the door open to competing in Stardom next year if she recovers quickly enough.

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