Preview: DDT Judgement 2022 (3/20/22)


The 25th anniversary show of DDT has arrived. With such a show come faces of the old, faces of the present, and faces of the future; as in the Ryōgoku Sumo Hall, DDT once again holds this annual event. It will be an eleven match spectacular just one day removed from their sister company’s showing. […] READ MORE

What is? Chris Brookes Something To Do.


If you have been watching the DDT Youtube Channel or DDT Twitter, you may have seen an advertisement for a show called “Something To Do” Starring Chris Brookes and Konosuke Takeshita set for January 3oth. It’s easy to assume that this would be a wrestling match but no, it is a talk show hosted by […] READ MORE

Chris Brookes’ Year of 2020 in DDT


When it was announced in early 2020 that Chris Brookes would be moving to Japan to go full time with Dramatic Dream Team (DDT), there was a lot of buzz. He had been a mainstay of the British indies, making his own promotion. Additionally, he had a few DDT matches under his belt. Looking back […] READ MORE

KO-D Ten Man Tag Titles News


The KO-D Ten-Man Tag titles are a strange belt even by DDT standards. Introduced in 2017 there have only been three matches for the title with both of the champions vacating the straps. And now an even stranger chapter is written in the history of these titles. At Ultimate Party 2020 a new team won […] READ MORE

Young Bucks Autobiography Wins DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight title

Professional wrestling is weird at the best of times.  When you throw Dramatic Dream Team (DDTPro) into the mix, things often get much weirder.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to the infamous Ironman Heavymetalweight championship.  DDT’s title, along with REW Pakistan 24/7 Championship, have been stuck in America in recent times.  A number of AEW performers and staff […] READ MORE

Preview: DDT TV Show Episode #10 (10/17/20)


DDT TV Show Episode #10 marks the final DDT TV show before Ultimate Party 2020  as there will be a different event next week. However, with the end of these two shows, the intention to polish off the tenth show edition rings true. The following matches could shift the momentum in any direction on the […] READ MORE

Preview: DDT TV Show Episode #9 (10/10/20)


DDT TV Show has returned. Originally a way to hold shows during the COVID lockdown, it has found new life and will be starting again. The ninth edition of Dramatic Dream Team’s TV program will contain title matches and a match that is three years in the making, all to supplement an already strong showing […] READ MORE

Preview: DDT Who’s Gonna TOP? 2020 (9/27/2020)


Dramatic Dream Team rolls on ever closer to Ultimate Party 2020. One of the stops along the way, however, will be DDT Who’s Gonna TOP? 2020. Going into this show, we don’t know three of the matches. However, two titles are going to be on the line. On the 27th, there will be a wild […] READ MORE

Preview: DDT GET ALIVE 2020 (9/7/20)


The landscape of DDT is a unique one at the moment. Having won the King of DDT, Endo now has free reign to choose who he fights at Ultimate Party 2020. His original choice of Kenny Omega was declined due to travel restrictions, leaving his new choice a mystery. Additionally, as of September 1st, the […] READ MORE

King Of DDT 2020 Competitors Announced

The King Of DDT tournament is set to take place in August of 2020 and during the season finale of the DDT TV Show the competitors for the tournament were announced.  Here is the lineup for the single-elimination tournament. Yuki Ueno Nobuhiro Shimatani Antonio Honda Danshoku Dieno T-Hawk Kazuki Hirata Makoto Oishi Chris Brookes Tomomitsu Matunaga Daisuke […] READ MORE