What is? Chris Brookes Something To Do.

Chris Brookes Something To Do

If you have been watching the DDT Youtube Channel or DDT Twitter, you may have seen an advertisement for a show called “Something To Do” Starring Chris Brookes and Konosuke Takeshita set for January 3oth. It’s easy to assume that this would be a wrestling match but no, it is a talk show hosted by the two wrestlers and in English. This show while continuing having wrestlers have different shows. It forms a benchmark for a possible direction in another way they are addressing one of their biggest weakness for international viewing.

While this one seems to be aimed at attracting an English audience ahead of the second Chris Brookes Produce show. There have been examples of other shows over the summer of 2020, DAMNATION hosted their own show. And the most popular one being DDT The Night which is a general all-purpose show that will have guests from all wrestlers under the WRESTLE UNIVERSE Umbrella. As it shows the wrestlers interacting and enjoying themselves, with various interviews.

Of course, the big hurdle to enjoying things such as The Night or the DAMNATION show is the obvious language barrier which has been DDT’s biggest hurdle. Especially with it being a promotion so focused on comedy both acted and spoken. So a show in the same vein that is in English is a very powerful step forward for the company even for a one-off. As it will give viewers a look through at the wrestlers without the impediment of the language barrier. And considering this is a continuation of a show that first started in the spring of 2020, with two episodes already to its name. It appears that this is something that is willing to either be picked up and done at any point. Especially with the increased interest in bringing in more English commentary shows and options to the WRESTLE UNIVERSE library.

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