Top 10 Lucha Libre Matches for September 2022

Top Lucha Libre Matches September 2022

Throughout 2022, lucha libre been on a fantastic momentum swing thoroughout the country of Mexico and the surrounding cities. There have been many matches during 2022 already that received buzz and praise. This piece will focus on best lucha libre matches in the month of September 2022.

Top Lucha Libre Matches, September 2022

Honorable Mentions

  • Nueva Generacion Dinamia vs Bandido , Laredo Kid and Komander
  • Mistico vs Angel de Oro vs Volador Jr
  • Rey Fenix vs Jungle Boy
  • Shun Skywalker vs SB Kento vs Andrew Everett

10. Gringo Loco, Toxin & Latigo vs Laredo Kid, ASF & Drago Kid

Nobody does lucha libre trios matches in America like Game Changer Wrestling, but this one was another case of the promotion letting the workers steal the show with their high-octane offense. Laredo Kid and Toxin really stood out during the match with their unique forms of lucha libre. The GCW crowd in Chicago and fans around the country gave this match immense praise online and rightfully so.

9. Komander vs El Bendito vs Shun Skywalker

A 3-way match that wasn’t the original scheduled plan, this bout worked out much better for everyone involved. Shun Skywalker was replacing Jack Evans here and the match was really good. Skywalker didn’t really get much time during this one but certainly made an impact with the minutes given.

8. Triple Threat Revolver for a Shot at the IMPACT Wrestling X Division Championship: Black Taurus vs Frankie Kazarian vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Mia Yim vs Yuya Uemura vs Kenny King vs Alex Zayne

Some of the best wrestlers in the X Division and a few visiting guests at Victory Road had an opportunity to challenge Mike Bailey at Bound for Glory. The match concept worked much better here in the second outing than it’s debut last year. Black Taurus got tremendous shine during this one and the crowd was very much into the match. While this match did run long, it’s worth checking out. As a side note, All Elite Wrestling will now be represented at Bound for Glory.

7. Caballero de Plata vs Hell Boy in a Hair v Hair Match

A heated encounter from one of the International Revolution Wrestling Group weekend involves former tag team partners turned enemies: Caballero de Plata and Hell Boy. The prior singles match in August was really good, but this match was their best outing to date. There was strong vocal support from the crowd in Arena Naucalpan, too. Both men performed impressive aerial maneuvers at one point during the match and the finish was well done. Hell Boy won the match and cut the hair of Caballero post-match. Fans in attendance gave the match a great ovation at the end.

6. Stuka Jr vs Atlantis Jr (CMLL 89th Anniversary show)

This was a battle of 2 luchadors who teamed in a series of matches on the undercard leading up to the main event; the loser would have to unmask following the singles match. The match was really even until Atlantis Jr was assaulted with neck-targeted offense. The crowd rallied behind Stuka Jr even more and booed Atlantis every chance they got. Atlantis took quite a bit of offense during the match but eventually came out as the victor. The identity of Stuka Jr was revealed following the main event.

5. La Jarochita vs Reyna Isis

The highly anticipated women’s mask vs mask match for CMLL this year between La Jarochita and Reyna Isis was building for months. One of the best women’s matches for the promotion in 2022, it’s been praised highly outside of Mexico. Isis got the jump start to open the match and it never let up from there, with moves being exchanged between both women. We even got a rare banned moved in CMLL – a tombstone piledriver – return but commentary just played it off. The crowd was hot and the match was fantastic; a strong outing from the women’s division of CMLL.

4. Hijo del Vikingo vs Flamita vs Laredo Kid

This match was taken from a house show recently done by AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide and it was an enjoyable bout. Unfortunately, the heel behavior of referee Hijo del Tirantes brings it down a small notch. Flamita barely featured in the match was noticeable at times. Hijo del Vikingo continues to have a fantastic in-ring body of work for 2022 and the 3-way match showcased the AAA Mega Champion very well. The crowd ultimately liked the match, but it took a while.

3. Hijo del Vikingo vs Bandido

A hotly anticipated match that took place in the first week of September, this was one of the best singles bouts in lucha libre during September 2022. High-octane and quick-paced was the name of the game with Bandido and Hijo del Vikingo; it was on full showcase here. The crowd was very amped for this one and got more into the bout. Both men pulled out their usual bag of tricks like the gorilla press slam from the top rope and the 630 Splash from Hijo del Vikingo. AAA should’ve put this match on their YouTube channel because it was that good.

2. Bandido vs Flamita

The first singles encounter of Bandido vs Flamita in the Big Lucha promotion certainly lived up to the hype. Bandido pulled out all of the moves to put away his former tag partner. There was an injury towards the start, but the in-ring action ramped up from there. Big Lucha built this match up very well, but there were a few hiccups along the road. Bandido was crowned the new World Champion to a rousing standing ovation from the crowd in attendance and many fans around the world had great praise for this match in particular.

1. Chris Jericho vs Bandido

Jericho had a successful retention of the ROH World Championship against Bandido on the September 28 edition of AEW Dynamite. The match delivered way better than the set expectations. Bandido had an impressive showcase in his All Elite Wrestling debut but wasn’t able to regain the top slot in ROH. Jericho sold for the challenger and made his opposition look good. A rematch could be in the cards down the road. Chris Jericho started off the “Ocho” title reign with a fantastic match.

I definitely recommend checking out all of these matches, especially Chris Jericho vs Bandido and the CMLL ones.

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