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#AndNEW – Bandido is The First Big Lucha World Champion

Bandido ROH World Champion

Big Lucha crowned the first Big Lucha World Champion this past weekend following a high-paced contender for lucha libre MOTY (the highly anticipated Flamita vs Bandido match) in the form of Bandido. The match ended up being awesome aside from Flamita working through an injury at the beginning, it had a very vocal crowd and is definitely worth watching. Post match, Flamita put over his former tag partner on the microphone then proceeded to once again make a mask vs mask challenge to him.  Bandido becoming the Big Lucha World champion will put even more eyes on the roster and promotion itself, they’ve been hot for 1 year now and things continue to look on an upswing for everyone involved.

Bandido Becomes Big Lucha World Champion

The semi-main event was won by Blue Demon Jr, Skayde wasn’t involved in the finish though but nobody had a good outing here.  Dr. Wagner Jr visibly was pissed with how the match turned out but the crowd was mostly silent for this one. Sexy Star was replaced during the women’s tag team match by Lady Shani, the tag match was really good. Former NXT star Catalina fared pretty well but the match was really about AAA Lucha Libre rivals Lady Shani and La Hiedra working as a cohesive unit against the young opposition (Catalina & Sussy Love).

Yutani won the “Torneo Alas de la Independencia ” gauntlet match featuring some undercard Big Lucha roster members such as Extasis, Forno , El Elemental, Mr. Win and many others. . The winner was rewarded first shot at Bandido and the World Championship for a future match, no other details were given during the show.

Torito & Sol were successful in the opening match against King & Kong, and the team of Elipse and Orbita. The match was a good spotlight on the trainees still making their way through the world of Big Lucha and lucha libre, one of the funnier openers of pro wrestling in Mexico this year. AAA regular Cibernetico did make a cameo and attempted to do an invasion angle with his new group Los Creatures de KAOZ (The Tiger, Charly Rockstar, Cibernetico, Diosa Quetzal, and Steel Angel) against Black Generacion but things didn’t go well.

Emperador Azteca got revenge upon Jack Evans in a massive 10-man México vs The World tag match during the undercard. The teams were Emperador Azteca, Gravity, Komander, El Bendito and Carito vs Accion Jackson, Jack Evans, Shoko , Andrew and Hannya. Team Mexico pulled out the win in the end with Azteca and Jack Evans as the final 2.

Overall, the Big Lucha show this past weekend was pretty enjoyable but no date was given for the next show. Make sure to check out Big Lucha on YouTube.


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