#AndNEW: Baliyan Akki Becomes Undisputed Super Asia Champion on ChocoPro #200 Day 2

Baliyan Akki Undisputed Super Asia Champion

In the main event of ChocoPro #200 Day 2, the final show of this two-day event, Baliyan Akki faced Minoru Fujita to crown an undisputed, unified Super Asia Champion. On Day 2 of ChocoPro #100 this past March, Fujita defeated Akki to win the vacant Super Asia title, holding onto the title for over 300 days. Later that fall, when Fujita fell ill due to COVID-19, it was decided that an interim champion would be crowned. While Chon Shiryu won this honor in November, he would later be defeated by Baliyan Akki earlier this year. However, there could only be one true titleholder. Following ChocoPro #200 Day 2, it was Baliyan Akki that emerged victorious as the undisputed Super Asia Champion.

Baliyan Akki Crowned Undisputed Super Asia Champion

What to Know Following Title Match Victory

The Super Asia Championship unification match between Baliyan Akki and Minoru Fujita started fast, with both men exchanging strikes. From there, the two continued to wear away at each other, utilizing everything from devastating strikes to grueling submission holds. The action even spilled to the outside of Ichigaya Chocolate Square, where the use of stools was seen. At one point, Akki performed a flying splash from the office roof onto Fujita through a table. Eventually, the action returned to the signature brown mat of Ichigaya. Ultimately, Akki performed a steel chair-assisted Namaste splash, which was enough to keep Fujita down for the count. When the bell sounded, Baliyan Akki stood tall as the undisputed Super Asia Champion. Though weary, disappointed with the result, Fujita showed respect to Akki post-match. The next challenger for the Super Asia title is unknown at this time.

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