#AndNEW: Baliyan Akki Becomes Interim Super Asia Champion

Baliyan Akki Interim Super Asia Champion
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ChocoPro #197 was a one-match show, but it was a match that mattered. Chon Shiryu, the Interim Super Asia Champion, defended his title against Baliyan Akki, who had been aiming to capture the blue belt since its revival. The struggles that the self-proclaimed “Ace” of ChocoPro had been through led to this match, and with just a few episodes shy of the landmark two-day 200th episode. As the defending champion, Shiryu gave this match everything he had. However, it was Akki that realized his destiny. Following his trademark flying splash, Baliyan Akki picked up the pinfall victory, being crowned the new Interim Super Asia Champion. He is slated to face the original Super Asia Champion, Minoru Fujita, on ChocoPro #200 to crown an undisputed champion.

Baliyan Akki Wins Interim Super Asia Title

What to Know Following Title Victory

Following this massive Interim Super Asia Championship victory, Baliyan Akki had to collect his thoughts, visibly in shock of his own victory. The official for this match, Chie Koishikawa, presented the title to Akki, who took it into his arms. “I won, I won,” repeated Akki, recovering from the grueling match he had with Chon Shiryu just moments prior. Akki spoke with passion, saying he found his “people” and “tribe,” including his best friend Mei Suruga, rival and mentor Masahiro Takanashi, as well as rivals such as Antonio Honda and Chris Brookes. He then addressed Shiryu, his “fallen rival,” saying he wouldn’t embarrass what the previous champion gave him. Akki would go on to win the one post-match janken match between him and Shiryu. “Today is not the end,” proclaimed Shiryu. “I’ll be back.”

With this victory, Baliyan Akki has captured his first singles championship since 2017. For those unfamiliar with Akki’s previous work, he was once part of Wrestle Square, an independent promotion in his home country of India. It was here where he became the first, and only, competitor to capture the company’s Intercontinental Championship 3 times. It’s also worth noting that he’s one of only two wrestlers to have held the Super Asia and Asia Dream Tag Team titles at the same time, the other being current All Elite Wrestling star Riho.

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