Preview: GLEAT Ver.2 (12/30/21)

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GLEAT returns to what has become their big match arena, Tokyo Dome City Hall, as they present GLEAT Ver.2! It follows the same format as the last show in TDC Hall, as it will have five LIDET UWF matches and four G PROWRESTLING matches. The show is headlined by BULK ORCHESTRA vs STRONGHEARTS. There is plenty of action on deck for the show.


  • Soma Watanabe vs Tasuaki Nakano
  • Yu IIzuka and Tetsuya Izuchi vs Minoru Suzuki and Hikaru Sato
  • Michiko Miyagi vs Chihiro Hashimoto
  • Minoru Tanaka and Masakatsu Funaki vs Daijirou Matsui and Mitsuya Nagai
  • Takanori Ito vs Shuji Ishikawa


  • Yukari Hosokawa vs DASH Chisako
  • Soma Watanabe, Keiichi Sato, and Jun Masaoka vs Atsuki Aoyagi, Jun Tonsho, and Takuro Niki
  • Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship: MUSASHI (c) vs Kaz Hayashi
  • Five vs Five Hair vs Hair Elimination Match: STRONGHEARTS vs Bulk Orchestra

Yu IIzuka and Tetsuya Izuchi vs Minoru Suzuki and Hikaru Sato

Yu IIzuka has been a big player for GLEAT during 2021 from both a G PRO and LIDET UWF standpoint. LIDET UWF is where he truly excels, however, as his inspirations are often worn on his sleeve. He will be joined by Tetsuya Izuchi from Pro Wrestling HEAT UP. It was announced that Izuchi will join the GLEAT roster starting next year. He has been a standout in the UWF style and will be pairing up with former HEAT UP member IIzuka.

They have a tall task ahead of them, as Minoru Suzuki and Hikaru Sato make their GLEAT debuts. Both are very experienced in the UWF styles, as Suzuki is known for tapping out Ken Shamrock and being an overall legend. Meanwhile, Sato was trained by Suzuki in pro wrestling due to his MMA background. A great challenge to test the skillset of IIzuka and Izuchi.

Michiko Miyagi vs Chihiro Hashimoto

Since the last Tokyo Dome City Hall show, Michiko Miyagi has been been clamoring for this match with Chihiro Hashimoto. Miyagi is a former member of Sendai Girls. Hashimoto is the ace and world champion of the promotion. Miyagi clearly has a part of her past she wants to erase and show her true growth against the absolute best from Sendai, Chihiro Hashimoto. However, as she continued to call out for the match, nothing happened. Afterward, Miyagi scheduled an exhibition with new roster member Yukari Hosokawa.

After that match went to a draw, Hashimoto made her presence known. Hashimoto belittled Miyagi, asking her if this is what she wanted to do after leaving Sendai. She said she hates Miyagi but loves the LIDET UWF ring. She would then tell Hosokawa she had a Sendai Girl waiting on her setting both sides in a collision course. Thus, Hashimoto vs Miyagi was signed for GLEAT Ver.2. Will Hashimoto prove her dominance, or will Miyagi put away the ghost that has been haunting her?

Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship: MUSASHI (c) vs Kaz Hayashi

Michinoku Pro Wrestling’s MUSASHI first appeared as a recommended partner for CIMA and Kaz Hayashi. After their win, it was soon apparent that MUSASHI had other ideas in mind. He set his sights on Kaz Hayashi, who originally trained in Michinoku Pro Wrestling. As sparks began to fly, it became only a matter of time before they met. Kaz Hayashi would pin MUSASHI in a tag team match. From there, Hayashi would make his move.

Hayashi talked about his experience watching Michinoku Pro before training there. He told MUSASHI that the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship wants to be with him. MUSASHI agreed to have a title match due to losing to Hayashi, asking Hayashi where he wanted the shot. Hayashi opted for GLEAT’s biggest show of the year, believing the grand stage was the perfect place for the first title match in GLEAT. Can Kaz Hayashi achieve a dream of his or will MUSASHI keep the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship in Michinoku Pro?

Main Event: Five on Five Hair vs Hair Elimination Match: BULK ORCHESTRA vs STRONGHEARTS

The feud with Ryuichi Kawakami and STRONGHEARTS started as soon as he came to GLEAT. However, it’s gotten more personal with him adding KAZMA Sakamoto, Hayato Tamura, Quiet Storm, and Nobuhiro Shimatani by his side. The newly dubbed BULK ORCHESTRA became more vicious as time has gone on. On the same show that had CIMA vs Shimatani, there was a four-on-four match. The latter was T-Hawk, El Lindaman, Shigehiro Irie, and Issei Onitsuka vs Storm, KAZMA, Tamura, and Kawakami.

After BULK ORCHESTRA claimed victory, they cut El Lindaman’s hair and attacked injured STRONGHEARTS member Takehiro Yamamura. BULK ORCHESTRA made it clear this was bigger than wrestling – it was a fight for survival. The two sides agreed to settle the centerpiece feud for GLEAT at TDC Hall. A five-on-five elimination match where the last person pinned had to get their head shaved was set. Now that the stakes are raised, can STRONGHEARTS finally defeat BULK ORCHESTRA or will the gachimuchi era continue in GLEAT?

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