Yukari Hosokawa, FKA Rin Rin of Gatoh Move, Joins GLEAT

Yukari Hosokawa GLEAT
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GLEAT has signed a women’s wrestler that may be familiar to those that follow joshi puroresu. Yukari Hosokawa, who was previously known as Rin Rin in Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling and ChocoPro, has officially joined GLEAT. The latter company made the news official during its LIDET UWF Ver.1 Press Conference. She is currently in her second year of high school, meaning that she will continue to balance her studies with professional wrestling.

In 2019, Yukari Hosokawa began her professional wrestling career at the age of 14. She trained under Gatoh Move founder Emi Sakura, joining the fourth-generation class alongside Sayaka, Sayuri, Tokiko Kirihara, Chie Koishikawa, and Lulu Pencil. In her first year of wrestling, she worked matches for not only Gatoh Move but Actwres girl’Z and Pro Wrestling HEAT UP. As time went on, her matches became less consistent, as she was in school and needed to focus on her studies. Nonetheless, she remained a popular star among fans, especially when she adopted her “MC” moniker, rapping and singing before and after matches.

When ChocoPro began in March of 2020, Rin Rin would make multiple appearances. She was part of the inaugural episode, facing mentor Sakura in the first match. Her next in-ring appearance wouldn’t take place until the following December, where she, once again, battled Sakura. Rin Rin made sporadic ChocoPro appearances since then, even picking up her first single’s victory on the New Year’s Day edition of the show. This past July, it was announced that she graduated from Gatoh Move, citing consideration for her studies and future.

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