Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Announces Departure of Rin Rin

Rin Rin Gatoh Move

Earlier today, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling announced the company departure of Rin Rin. This decision is effective July 20. Furthermore, due to complications in Japan, stemming from the pandemic, she will not have a final match or address the fans one last time. Gatoh Move made the news official on their website, including a statement from Rin Rin herself. See the statement in question below, roughly translated from Japanese to English via Google Translate:

This time, I, Rin Rin, will leave Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling in consideration of my studies and future.
With the support of Sakura-san, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestlers, all the people involved, and all the fans, we have Rinrin now. I really really really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
I will continue to devote myself to my dreams, so I would be very happy if you could continue to support me.
Under these circumstances, I am really sorry that I could not say hello to everyone directly.
We believe that we can meet you as long as the horizon is connected, so please take care of yourself.
Thank you everyone.

Gatoh Move’s future “MC” began her training under Gatoh Move in 2019. She entered the promotion as one of the members of the fourth-generation class, the other members being Sayaka, Sayuri, Tokiko Kirihara, Lulu Pencil, and Chie Koishikawa. She wrestled a series of exhibition bouts that year before having her first official match in August of that year, falling to her trainer, Emi Sakura. The following month, she picked up her first win in an eight-person tag team match. In addition to her various Gatoh Move matches, she also appeared for promotions Pro Wrestling HEAT-UP and Actwres girl’Z. Throughout her young wrestling career, Rin Rin devoted time to her studies, which prompted her to periodically take time off.

In March of 2020, in the wake of the pandemic, Gatoh Move introduced its new initiative: a YouTube wrestling show known as ChocoPro. On March 28, Rin Rin competed on the first episode, battling Sakura in a losing effort. She wouldn’t return to the show until episode #75 in December. On ChocoPro #77, which was the New Year’s Day episode, she picked up her first singles victory in a special five-way match, built around a special New Year’s celebratory mochi decoration. Rin Rin wrestled her final ChocoPro match on episode #105, losing to one-half of the Asia Dream Tag Team Champions, Mei Suruga.

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