Top 5 Joshi Matches Of The Month (April 2021)


The Joshi wrestling scene (Japanese Women’s Wrestling) is a deep scene full of insanely talented performers and every month there are dozens of fantastic matches from promotions from Stardom to PURE-J and everywhere in between.  In this article, we aim to give readers a list of recommended Joshi matches that took place in the last month, there will be […] READ MORE

Top 5 Joshi Matches Of The Month (January 2021)


Important Note: Due to some matches not airing as of the time of writing some presumably great Joshi matches can’t be ranked.  Also due to the recent PPV Model adopted by a number of promotions we are unable to see every event.  Notable exclusions from this list include TJPW PPV 2 Honorable Mentions Syuri vs Momo Watanabe, Hanako Nakamori […] READ MORE

20 Best Wrestling Matches Of The Month: July 2019 Edition


Every month, our own Dan Niles compiles his personal 20 Best Wrestling Matches list from around the world, from North America to Europe to Japan. Some are obvious best wrestling matches choices, some are dark horses, but they’re always fun to find some matches you may have missed the previous month! (DISCLAIMER: This list is […] READ MORE

Top 50 FREE Women’s Matches of 2018 (Part 2)


Click here for part 1 of this list, where we listed the top 50 through 26 free women’s matches of last year. Before going through the top 25, we want to share a few honorable mentions. These matches all come from promotions that deserve to be on the list for the free content they’ve put […] READ MORE

Preview: OTT Defiant (4/1/18)

OTT makes history this Easter Sunday as they run the first ever all women’s show in Irish Wrestling history, with OTT Defiant.  We have some showcase matches for some very talented women and then three qualifiers to go through to the main event, a Fatal Four way for the OTT Women’s Championship against current champion “The […] READ MORE