Preview: OTT Defiant (4/1/18)

OTT makes history this Easter Sunday as they run the first ever all women’s show in Irish Wrestling history, with OTT Defiant.  We have some showcase matches for some very talented women and then three qualifiers to go through to the main event, a Fatal Four way for the OTT Women’s Championship against current champion “The Session Moth” Martina.

Photo: OTT

Match 1: DASH Chisako vs Jordynne Grace

Photo: OTT

11-year veteran Chisako mainly wrestles for Japan’s Sendai Girls promotion.  She is trained by legend Meiko Satomura which tells you all you need to know about Chisako’s style.  She can do just about everything and is good in every sort of match be it singles, tag, trios or whether she is playing the face or heel.  She takes on Team PAWG member Grace.  The 22-year-old is a mainstay of the US indie scene wrestling in various women’s divisions across the US.  Not afraid to partake in some intergender wrestling Grace is as good as they come in the US indie scene.  An exhibition match between two talented tag specialists to show what this card is all about.

Preview: DASH Chisako to win

Match 2: Kris Wolf & Laura Di Matteo vs Charlie Morgan & Charli Evans

Photo: OTT

Wolf finally comes back to OTT.  After her previous appearance at Outer Space Odyssey 3, the fans were enamored with the energetic, charismatic Wolf.  The Stardom star and Oedo Tai member is most known for her run as High-Speed Champion.  Her entertaining pairing with Kagetsu is a staple of the Stardom cards, usually warming the crowd up for the Io Shirai’s and Mayu Iwatani’s to go out there and have killer main events.  She teams with Laura Di Matteo.  Formerly Jinny’s lackey Elizabeth, she has carved out a niche as an MMA crossover style wrestler.  They take on rising star Charlie Morgan and Charli Evans.  In PROGRESS, Morgan has recently joined the House of Couture stable and his has given her major exposure in the main women’s angle in the company.  As well as that. for her bravery in coming out to the Pro Wrestling: EVE fans as lesbian in the ring last summer, she has become their number one star.  “The Ace Of EVE” proudly represents herself and her LGBT community in EVE, much to the fans delight.  She is such a big star in EVE that they are trusting her and Sammii Jayne to main event their biggest show ever, as Morgan looks to finally capture the title.  Her teammate Evans made the huge step to go from Australia to the UK to join the long list of wrestlers from Australia to make a name for themselves in the UK.  At 21, she has already been a former PWWA Women’s Champion for 644 days.  This tag match has bundles of talent and at least one future women’s superstar.

Predictions: Kris Wolf & Laura Di Matteo to win

OTT Women’s Championship Qualifier #1: Nina Samuels vs Sammii Jayne

Photo: OTT

Sammii Jayne is one of the premier women’s wrestlers in the UK scene.  The Scot currently holds three different women’s championships.  On top of that, she is featured in Defiant Wrestling’s women’s division.  Add to that her 300+ day reign with the prestigious Pro Wrestling EVE: Championship and she is a bonafide star.  Currently set to help EVE sell out York Hall against Charlie Morgan, it is clear that Jayne is one of the best women’s wrestlers in the UK.  Her opponent Nina Samuels is no stranger to OTT.  She wrestles in the RevPro and PROGRESS women’s divisions.  This means she is instantly recognizable and has experience on a bigger stage than most other women on the card today.  Whichever woman wins will add star power and experience to the main event.  Keep an eye on this one to steal the show.

Predictions: Sammii Jayne to win

OTT Women’s Championship Qualifier #2:  Katey Harvey vs Valkyrie

Photo: OTT

The queen of Irish wrestling returns from injury, Katey Harvey is one of the trailblazers of the division.  If there is one thing fans know about Harvey, it’s that she is obsessed with being OTT Women’s Champion and winning this title on her return is her number one goal.  In this match, Harvey faces her best friend and “student” of sorts, Valkyrie.  Valkyrie is a member of the new wave of Irish women’s wrestlers.  Already very talented and chomping at the bit, Valkyrie is trying to make an impression here in OTT.  Friend vs Friend, Student vs Teacher.  This one is must see.

Predictions: Katey Harvey to win

OTT Women’s Championship Qualifier #3: Debbie Keitel vs Raven Creed

Photo: OTT

These two have been wrestling all over the country.  The wars these two have waged are almost legendary.  They had a match of the year quality match in OTT last year, they’ve broke boundaries in mixed tag action and they had a brutal ladder match in Celtic Championship Wrestling.  What these two have is amazing.  The chemistry, the characters, the talent and the desire are all there. Debbie Keitel is very over and loved by the OTT crowd, she has that rare crowd connection.  She is such a good babyface that Creed’s heinous acts seem so much worse when enacted on Keitel.  Creed is a rising star in Irish wrestling.  Her dark, mysterious gimmick is so unique and she backs it up with her in-ring talent.  She has terrorized Keitel on Contenders shows, setting Gunther Isaak and The Sons Of Ulaid on her.  It is all coming to a head at Defiant, as the future of Irish Wrestling makes its way to the Tivoli for what is sure to be another awesome match in the catalog of these two women.

Predictions: Raven Creed to win

OTT Women’s Championship Match: Martina (c) vs. ? vs. ? vs. ?

Photo: OTT

Martina’s last match in OTT before her trips to the US and Japan.  Ever since the inception of the OTT women’s title, only Martina and Katey Harvey have held it, with Martina holding it since Wrestlerama last year.  With Harvey returning from a long layoff, the amount of talent on display, and the fact that the next generation of Irish Women’s wrestlers is ready to take the stage, it may be time for a change. Despite being the biggest women’s star in OTT, it is clear that Martina has outgrown the women’s division.  Will Harvey retake the throne?  Will Debbite Keitel shock the world? Will Raven Creed unleash some ‘therapy’ on the women’s divisions?  Or will one of the many talented imports win the championship?  Whatever the outcome, the OTT Women’s division is more exciting than it has ever been.  Should Martina lose here, she WILL be back to reclaim the women’s title.

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