Puerto Rico Report #5 | New Champions FINALLY Being Crowned

Carlos Calderon Wins Title
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A lot of re-shuffling has taken place in the ‘100 x 35 Mile Island’ as many title changes have taken place in a short span of time. Two potential company aces have been crowned under less than ideal circumstances, but as these reigns begin and 2021 draws into its final weeks, it makes 2022 look like a hopeful year right at the start. So let’s break it all down on this week’s Puerto Rico Report with a focus on Carlos Calderon and his title win!

Puerto Rico News Report – The Future Is Now

Carlos Calderón Is Finally Crowned

It took a longer time than anyone would’ve wanted. After 4 weeks of delay from the first match due to power outages and talent not being available and one obligatory rematch, because WWC just does that, but Carlos “Bellito” Calderón has officially crowned himself as the 152nd WWC Universal Champion and the 54th first time Champion, defeating perennial top heel Gilbert for the title in their second outing at a small show in the town of Ponce.

For years people have talked about the talented young prospect’s potential to become a new top babyface for the long-standing promotion. Between WWC’s stubborn booking and natural disasters halting things, it seemed like such a pipedream. It’s sad that his winning had to be under such circumstances as the crowning of a potential company ace being on a small-time show near the end of the year just to clear things out for a major event is definitely not ideal. However, it was clearly very much needed. They needed a big shot in the arm, a re-shuffling of their top of the card and to put the title on someone that can actually benefit from it was needed while the now-former Champion Gilbert can have his blood-feud with Eddie Colón.

This seems to open the door for two potential big-time challengers for Carlos Calderon at the 48th Anniversary Show. The first would be Albert El Patrón. The Puerto Rico vs Mexico feud writes itself at this point. This would theoretically give Calderon a MAJOR first defense. The problem is I highly doubt El Patrón, despite how massively his stock has fallen everywhere except here, is likely to “job to the local nobody”.

The other more intriguing option would be Carlos Calderon’s career rival Pedro Portillo III who has been on fire as a heel throughout the year and garnered a lot of fandom just from his mic work alone. Being more of the “you’re good but I will cheat to win and tell you to your face” variety of heel which is such a rarity here, it’s made him very popular. It would also continue the bid of WWC finally, even if by force, having to elevate new people to the main event scene.

IWE Loses Against IWA……. But Also Wins All The Gold

Somehow, The IWE Alliance lost against IWA at the Hardcore Weekend event….. but exited the event with all the titles. This came courtesy of the convoluted 24/7 title rule that was originally implemented explicitly for the PPV, which was then changed to start the Thursday before the Saturday show, then extended to Sunday too.

Exiting the event, Mighty Ursus secured the Intercontinental title after Chicano had defeated Manny Ferno. The Owners Of Time regained the tag titles from Manu & Edrax and finally, Manny Ferno attacked Lightning with a chair to take the World title, thus giving the IWE group all the gold.

It also finally granted Manny Ferno his first World title on the island in what is without a doubt, the weakest potential crowning of someone a lot of people saw as a potential ace for the company. Manny Ferno, since 2017, has been seen by many as a top-level heel. Ferno is considered a sort of ‘4th coming’ of one of Puerto Rico’s most iconic wrestlers, Chicky Starr, the nation’s most recognized heel who has been the template for many It’s very sad that Ferno’s first, long-awaited title win, comes after a very badly filmed 24/7 skit. But it doesn’t seem to disparage much of IWA’s popularity.

Their Hardcore Weekend event wound up being a solid success, selling out the 400+ Acropolis venue and having minimal PPV issues. They follow up this week with a simple TV taping in the same venue.

CWA Prepares For Its End Of Year Show

Next Saturday is CWA’s Christmas Showdown PPV which airs the day after filming. I’ll be assisting the card, which will be fun, it being in a bar and all. Its World title match has been made official as Mike Nice defends against Manuel Rodriguez. Rodriguez is one of the 5 sons of the late Victor The Bodyguard, four of which are wrestlers as well as their uncle. The oldest son Noel is a former Champion who was dethroned by Mike Nice two years ago and is the catalyst of this main event along with the fact that Manuel’s first and only time challenging for the title was 4 years ago on the same event.

The main event is a personally welcomed surprise as I’ve known Manuel for many years. I’ve seen him personally doubt himself and have a falling out with wrestling, something that has defined his family. He’s managed to re-invent himself, play the role of his father for an upcoming movie and work his way up to be in a headlining match on a Pay-Per-View.

The other top match of the show is a rematch between Marty Scurll & Star Roger. Controversies surrounding Scurll aside, this has the potential of being a phenomenal match.

OIL Tries To Roll High

After announcing an alliance with TexMex promotion “Robles Productions”, Organización Internacional de Lucha has announced a big end-of-year card. It’s certainly got a big talent pool as the likes of Texano Jr, Cibernetico, La Mascara and Alberto El Patrón (of course they did) have been announced for the show on December 18. Other talents such as Dante Caballero, Australian Suicide, Syler Andrews, and West Side Mafia are being brought in. The central figures of the show are long-standing babyface Apolo (of TNA fame for non-PR) and his tag team partner, pro basketball player turned wrestler and 7’3 tallman, Peter John Ramos, who are both from where the show is taking place.

On paper, this sounds like a big show. The scheduled main event is Alberto El Patron vs El Cuervo de PR for the WOWT title, a Chicago-based company. But while in yesteryear, simply listing international talent was enough to draw a card, it seems in the last few years, it’s much more about a good build than just listing big names. Not to mention, unlike in the ’90s, Mexican wrestling doesn’t reach Puerto Rico. So truth be told, aside from Alberto El Patron, most people probably don’t know the other Mexican talent being brought in. I don’t even think most Puerto Rican fans know of the original incarnation of Los Ingobernables (or even the more well-known Japon version) of which La Mascara was once a part of.

It’ll still be a challenge for the brash and up-start company. But after the success of LAWE, it’s clear that the bar is high to impress fans now.


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