Nodoka Tenma & Marika Kobashi Leaving TJPW

Nodoka Tenma Special Match Jan 4th
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It is a season of change in the Joshi wrestling world. Recently there were the shocking mass departures from Ice Ribbon, then we had Stardom’s Konami announce a hiatus from pro wrestling, and now Nodoka Tenma and Marika Kobashi have announced their intentions to “graduate” from Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.

Nodoka Tenma is aiming to graduate from the group in March of 2022. She debuted for TJPW in January of 2016 and with her passing her 6th anniversary in January, she feels it’s time to call it a day. TJPW is running Ryogoku Sumo Hall in March and since that was one of her goals as a wrestler it is a logical point to call time on a career.  Tenma’s time in TJPW has been highlighted by her Bakuretsu Sisters tag team with Yuki Aino.

Marika Kobashi debuted on the same show as Nodoka Tenma where she debuted at the age of 14. Kobashi missed just under 18 months of action in 2019/2020 when she took time out for her studies before making her return in October of 2020. It seems like real life is pulling Kobashi away as she wants to continue her studies and explore the world outside of wrestling so she feels it’s best to graduate from TJPW instead of being an on-again-off-again figure.  Marika Kobashi is aiming to graduate from the promotion in April of 2022. Before her departure, Kobashi hopes to team with Abdullah Kobayashi and she has left the door open for a return to wrestling down the line.

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