Marika Kobashi Announces Her Return To TJPW

Marika Kobashi
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Mika Iwata was not the only Joshi return to take place today.  Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling had a return of its own as Marika Kobashi announced that she would be returning to the promotion on October 3rd after a year and 5 months away to complete her studies.

We know what you’re thinking but no her name has nothing to do with Kenta Kobashi.  In fact, it’s a mashup of her two favorite wrestlers deathmatch legends Abdullah Kobayashi (who is her all time favourite), and Frank Atsushi who wrestled as Atsushi Ohashi.

At just 19 years old Marika Kobashi has roughly 3 years worth of experience under her belt, she debuted in 2016 but missed a year, and is a former TOKYO Princess Tag Team Champion as she won the titles alongside Reika Saiki, who herself has not wrestled in some time due to a jaw injury and Wrestle-1 closing.  The TJPW is excited by the return of Kobashi who will help the promotion deal with the departure of Natsumi Maki and Mina Shirakawa.

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