Preview: IWA Puerto Rico – IWA Hardcore Weekend 2021 (11/20/21)

IWA Hardcore Weekend 2021

IWA Puerto Rico prepares itself to go at it again on live pay-per-view with IWA Hardcore Weekend 2021. The company is already making moves before the first bell sounds for the event with their promised 24/7 rule. The event is scheduled for this Saturday, November 20th with an 8 PM AST (7 PM EST) start time. Tickets can be purchased via PR Ticket or through at a $25 price.

IWA Hardcore Weekend 2021 – Full Card

IWA Tag Team Championship: The Owners of Time (Leinord White & Nick Mercer) (c) vs Manu & Edrax

This match already experienced a change. The 24/7 rule was retconned from just being on the day of the PPV to days before, as a video showed the challengers jumping the champions who were arriving at the building, days before the event for some reason. With a referee and chairs at hand, Manu & Edrax are now the IWA Tag Team Champions. We can only assume the match scheduled for the PPV is a rematch.

Victor the Bodyguard Cup

Another PPV, another cup on the line. Victor the Bodyguard was a mainstay of Puerto Rico wrestling for decades before sadly passing away after a heart attack. This event is dedicated to his memory. This is yet another gauntlet-style match to put various wrestlers on the card.

No Holds Barred Match: Niche vs El Anti-Fugitivo

El Anti-Fugitivo is the unidentified masked man that the IWE placed in Niche’s side for their tag team title match against The Owners of Time at Golpe De Estado. Niche is set for revenge, looking to unmask the mystery assailant. It’s unknown who it is, but given his ex-partner Lynx who was attacked by the heel group makes the least amount of sense, it puts him up front.

Lights Out Match: Aiden Grimm vs Khriz Diaz

These two have been the best IWA has had to offer the past few months. This has been a basic revenge feud, as Aiden Grimm is seen as ‘management’s favorite’ so the IWE alliance hired Khriz Diaz to take him out. The issue is these two already had a major blow-off match at Golpe De Estado. Since there were no plans for either man following the feud, IWA opted to add another match between the two. However, in a card that has all hardcore matches and the success of their previous match, I feel they were given a bar too high to clear.

Barbed Wire Match – TNT vs Mighty Ursus

TNT was Savio Vega’s original character when he began to wrestle for World Wrestling Council in the late ’80s. It’s presented nowadays as a Cactus Jack-esque alter ego to Vega. He and Mighty Ursus have battled many times over the years, initially in WWC for the Universal title before arriving at this point. They had a brawl that didn’t go far at Golpe De Estado. Promos seem to suggest this might be the big blow-off event for the IWE alliance story. We’ll see how far they go here.

Extreme Rules Match for the IWA Intercontinental Championship – Manny Ferno (c) vs Chicano

These two have had a previous Extreme Rules Match early into IWA’s return. This time, it will include “The Box Of Death,” a crate loaded with glass tubes and other deadly objects. Chicano promises to go into the match with his trusty backpack of weapons to finish his feud with Ferno, again going back to the promise of seeing the end of the IWE alliance story.

No DQ for the IWA World Championship – Richard Holliday (c) vs. Lightning vs Mr. Big

Savio Vega accidentally cost Mr. Big the IWA World Championship at Golpe De Estado. Despite Big’s clear claims, Vega would not offer him a due rematch. Thus, Big bailed on the Halloween Mayhem card after his loss for the IWA tag team titles. This led to Chicano, Lightning, and Vega being bloodied by the IWE Alliance. Vega asked why Big abandoned them. Big reasonably explained and Vega opted to add him to the already announced main event of Lightning vs current titleholder Richard Holliday.

In general, the hype for IWA Hardcore Weekend 2021 feels low. Very little excitement surrounds the 24/7 title defenses idea event with a tease of the concept already introduced. The building is a smaller one for IWA Puerto Rico, but it’s competing directly with a show that seems to be growing more and more in hype by the day in the form of LAWE Origenes, which has yet to announce their PPV airdate. We’ll have a preview for when the card gets a slated airdate.

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