Preview: Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix (8/29/21) – Free On YouTube

5STAR Grand Prix Card: Takumi Iroha vs Maika

Stardom announced that they will be streaming the August 29 5STAR Grand Prix event live, and for free on their YouTube channel.  This event, taking place at the Belle Salle Shiodome, is a loaded event with 2 title matches, Grand Prix matches, and a promised major announcement being made.  Let’s take a look at the card for this show.

Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix Full Card (8/29/21)

  • AZM vs Hanan
  • Mai Sakurai Stardom Challenge Series Match 2 – Mai Sakurai vs Momo Watanabe
  • Mayu Iwatani vs Lady C
  • Blue Stars Block: Maika vs Takumi Iroha
  • Red Stars Block: Himeka vs Fukigen Death
  • Future Of Stardom Championship: Unagi Sayaka (c) vs Rina
  • High Speed Championship: Natsupoi (c) vs Starlight Kid
  • A “mega-class” announcement

Blue Stars Block – Takumi Iroha (0) vs Maika (7)

5STAR Grand Prix Card: Takumi Iroha vs Maika

With a number of Stardom’s top talents not performing on this show, Takumi Iroha vs Maika becomes one of the headline matches.  Maika has been having a fantastic GP so far and has been establishing herself as one of the brightest prospects in all of Stardom.  Her opponent Iroha is making her first appearance in the 5STAR and will be looking to kick off her tournament with a win.  For any unaware, Iroha is one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world and currently juggles her wrestling with being the CEO of Marvelous, her home promotion.  Iroha is generally someone that would easily get a win here but she has recently come back from a 10-month layoff due to a knee injury which may present a weakness for Maika to target.

High Speed Championship – Natsupoi (c) vs Starlight Kid

Natsupoi’s reign as High Speed champ has suffered due to a number of issues beyond her control.  This is just her third defense of the title since winning it in March and will likely be her last.  Starlight Kid joining Oedo Tai was one of the biggest shocks in recent Stardom history as it seemed like she would always be by Mayu Iwatani’s side, instead we are seeing Kid pave her own path on the darkside.  So far, this has been a success for Kid who is set to have a strong run in the GP.  Capturing the High Speed Championship which alluded her while in STARS will likely give Kid further reasoning to embrace evil.

Future of Stardom Championship – Unagi Sayaka vs Rina

This is going to be an interesting match.  Unagi Sayaka joined Stardom from Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling last year.  Since then Stardom has moved to establish her as one of their next top stars despite her actual wrestling not matching up to most of the roster.  In this match, Sayaka takes on the 14-year-old prodigy Rina who has been wrestling since 2017 when she was featured in exhibition matches.  How will Sayaka do in a match with someone so young? That remains to be seen, let’s just hope she isn’t upstaged fully by Rina.

Red Stars Block – Fukigen Deah (0) vs Himeka (0)

One of these two women will move off the bottom of the block in this one.  Himeka only started her campaign on August 28 due to injury and lost her opener to Mayu Iwatani.  Death doesn’t have that excuse as she’s failed to win a number of tournament matches, which is unusual for someone with such a strong roll-up in her arsenal.  Himeka is likely to come away with the win here.

Mayu Iwatani vs Lady C

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Lady C debuted in November 2020 and has yet to win a match in that time.  Her fortunes aren’t likely to change here as she takes on an in-form Mayu Iwatani who has been on a roll ever since dispatching Oedo Tai in a gauntlet match last month.

Mai Sakurai vs Momo Watanabe

Mai Sakurai joined Stardom just a few weeks ago following her departure from Actwres girl’Z.  She has only had 22 matches in her career so far so still has a long way to go before she can be a real contender in Stardom, this 9-match trial series she is embarking on is the perfect way to get her up to speed as she takes on a number of Stardom’s best.  Momo Watanabe is her second trial and this is one that Watanabe should win easily, although if anyone is going to have a good match with the inexperienced Sakurai it is Momo Watanabe.

AZM vs Hanan

Two of Stardom’s best and brightest will collide here in a match that any Stardom fan should be excited to see.  AZM is a high speed prodigy who has been one of Stardom’s best wrestlers this year, Hanan is a teenage prodigy who mixes her Judo background with STARS’ trademark babyface fire.  This is going to be a very fun clash between two of Stardom’s future stars

This card will stream live and for free on Stardom’s YouTube channel so be sure to check it out!

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