EVE WrestleQueendom 4 News: New Champion & Returns

WrestleQueendom 4

Pro Wrestling EVE returned to action on August 27 for WrestleQueendom 4.  This was the company’s first event in about 15 months and they came back with a bang.  Not only did they crown a new EVE Champion but we saw the returns of a number of beloved EVE alumni.  Let’s not wait around and dive right into WrestleQueendom 4 news.

WrestleQueendom 4 News Round-Up

Jayla Dark Returns

Jayla Dark returned as part of the rumble match on the show.  Dark retired in September 2019 after a final tour of Ice Ribbon.  Her final show was hosted by EVE.

Debbie Sharpe Returns

Another Scot, another return.  Debbie Sharpe also took place in the rumble.  This was Sharpe’s first time in a ring since 2017.

Leah Owens Returns

While her sister Kasey has been flying the flag for the Owens family, Leah had not stepped in a ring since WrestleQueendom in 2018 where she suffered an injury.  Owens has been a constant presence in EVE despite this injury but finally, after 3 years stepped in the ring again during EVE’s rumble.

Erin Angel Returns

Former EVE Tag Team Champion Erin Angel made her return to the ring at WrestleQueendom.  Angel was tag team champion with Jetta when she made the massive announcement that she and Jetta were vacating the titles due to Angel’s pregnancy.  Angel was a big presence on the show as she was around to help Jetta fend off Rhia O’Reilly and her crew.

Charlie Morgan Returns

Charlie Morgan retired from wrestling due to an injury at WrestleQueendom 2.  The openly Gay star was a major part of recent EVE history and her retirement came as a crushing blow to her dedicated fanbase.  At WrestleQueendom 4, Morgan made her shocking return to the ring after being revealed as “the gambler” and seems ready to stay.

#AndNEW Jetta Wins EVE Championship

In one of the biggest moments of the show independent wrestling veteran Jetta captured the EVE Championship for the first time ever. For years Jetta was the biggest antagonist in EVE but slowly won the fans over throughout the years, her Wrestlefriends team with Erin Angel made her a fan favorite and this wave of momentum carried her to the EVE Championship.  The “princess Diana of Pro Wrestling EVEE” now has some bling to go with the name and there are few women more deserving of this spot than Jetta.

WrestleQueendom 4 streamed live on YouTube for EVE channel members.  Join the channel for 9.99 a month and check out the show.

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