#AndNEW: Second Gear Crew Win GCW Tag Team Championship

Second Gear Crew GCW Tag Team Championship

At GCW Homecoming Part 1, Matthew Justice and Mance Warner of Second Gear Crew challenged Jimmy Lloyd and G-Raver for the GCW Tag Team Championship. The latter team won the titles earlier this week in Mexico, as Game Changer Wrestling held a number of shows alongside Mexican hardcore wrestling promotion ZONA 23. This past Sunday, the unlikely duo of Lloyd and G-Raver defeated Ciclope and Miedo Extremo, also known as Los Masizos, for the GCW Tag Team Championship. However, this new reign, as well as partnership, would be short-lived. Earlier tonight, the GCW Tag Team titles changed hands, Second Gear Crew leaving The Showboat with the gold.

Throughout this particular tag team title match, it seemed that Jimmy Lloyd and G-Raver were on the same page. Despite being fierce rivals for quite some time beforehand, stemming from injuries sustained by G-Raver at GCW/BLP: 2 Cups Stuffed back in August of 2019, they seemed surprisingly cooperative at GCW Homecoming Part 1. That was, however, until communication broke down between the champions. This resulted in a frustrated G-Raver leaving the ring, sitting on the front at ringside while Lloyd attempted to fight alone. Nonetheless, the numbers game became too much for Lloyd, as he fell victim to the tandem offense of Matthew Justice and Mance Warner, who became the new GCW Tag Team Champions.

Post-match, G-Raver took to the mic to verbally berate Jimmy Lloyd, saying he only teamed with GCW’s “Different Boy” to return the company their property; in this case, it was the GCW World Tag Team Championship. G-Raver then issued a challenge to Lloyd at GCW/BLP: 3 Cups Stuffed. In G-Raver’s words, they would return to “the scene of the crime,” dating back to his traumatic injury two years prior. Sitting on the canvas, exhausted and defeated, Lloyd accepted the challenge.

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