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#AndNEW: Drew Parker Wins GCW Ultraviolent Championship at Homecoming Part 1

Alex Colon Drew Parker GCW Ultraviolent Championship

In what promised to be one of the most violent matches of GCW Homecoming Part 1 – a feat that the match in question more than accomplished – Alex Colon defended the GCW Ultraviolent Championship against Drew Parker, who put his BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship on the line as well. This match marked Parker’s first Game Changer Wrestling match in over one year and he came back in a major way. In this battle, the two deathmatch wrestling specialists ripped each other to shreds, destroying one another in front of a raucous crowd at The Showboat in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Furthermore, this was

Ultimately, it was Parker that emerged victorious as the new GCW Ultraviolent Champion. The match concluded when Colon, who had been put through ample punishment at the hands of Parker, passed out in a chokehold. The punishment in question included, but wasn’t limited to, a superplex through a bed of light tubes and a top-rope impaler DDT through another light tube cabin. This wasn’t to say Parker came out of the match unscathed, as he found himself gouged and bloodied by broken tubes by Colon. Post-match, Parker declared that his weekend wasn’t done; he will be at GCW Homecoming Part 2, so stay tuned.

With this victory, Drew Parker is officially a double champion in the deathmatch wrestling scene. As stated earlier, he entered GCW Homecoming Part 1 as the reigning BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion, the top prize in Big Japan Pro-Wrestling. Parker won the title one day prior to GCW’s event, defeating reigning champion Takumi Tsukamoto in a Barbed Wire Casket and Fluorescent Light Tubes Match. This ended Tsukamoto’s title reign at 202 days.

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