#AndNEW: Matt Cardona Wins GCW World Championship at Homecoming Part 1

Matt Cardona Nick Gage GCW World Championship

In the main event of GCW Homecoming Part 1 – a match anticipated by many independent wrestling fans – GCW World Champion Nick Gage defended his title against Matt Cardona. Their rivalry has been ongoing since earlier this summer, stemming from social media interactions involving the two. From there, the two had multiple physical interactions, whether it was Cardona appearing at the end of GCW Zombie Walk to attack Gage or “The King of Ultraviolence” storming a live Major Pod Network event last month to exact revenge on the “Always Ready” internet entrepreneur. Much to the shock of fans in attendance tonight, as well as those watching from home, it was Cardona that walked out of Homecoming Weekend with the GCW World Championship.

Matt Cardona Wins the GCW World Championship

Matt Cardona stepped into first GCW World Championship match and, subsequently, a world unfamiliar to him. It didn’t take long for Nick Gage to break out his signature light tubes, which Cardona slowly wrapped his mind around on how to use. While Gage is an experienced deathmatch wrestler, Cardona came into this as more of a novice. In face, the aforementioned experience of Gage came into play in different ways, including, but not limited to, running his patented pizza cutter across the forehead of Cardona. At several points, it appeared that the “Always Ready” challenger was fearful for his life.

As Gage seemed to have the match in his favor, Judas by Fozzy played momentarily before abruptly stopping. This, as well as the interference of a random “ghoul,” distracted the GCW World Champion enough to give Cardona the advantage. Gage would fight back, hitting two piledrivers on the challenger. The 44OH sans Rickey Shane Page would soon interfere, which led to “The King” fighting them off before becoming outnumbered. Page rushed out to stop The 44OH, resulting in him, with Gage, fighting off the group. This was all a ruse, though, as Page kicked Gage between the legs. This allowed Cardona to smash light tubes across Gage’s head, following up with Radio Silence with the pinfall and, more importantly, the GCW World title. Following a shower of canned beverages thrown into the ring by fans, Cardona made his way out of the venue.

What This Title Change Means

This marks the first world title win of Matt Cardona’s career. Since beginning his professional wrestling career in 2014, he secured multiple tag team titles in New York Wrestling Connection, Deep South Wrestling, and Ohio Valley Wrestling, each won alongside longtime partner and friend Brian Myers. They would even win two WWE tag team titles on the main roster, once in 2008 and the other over a decade later in 2019. In terms of singles success, Matt Cardona is a former WWE United States and Intercontinental Champion.

Now without the GCW World Championship, the future of Nick Gage is that much more interesting. It’s safe to say, sooner rather than later, he will be back in the title hunt, all the while endeavoring to deliver the punishment to Cardona that began at GCW Homecoming Part 1. It’s important to note, though, that Gage is scheduled to make his All Elite Wrestling debut next week. On this Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen, he will step into the ring with “The Painmaker,” Chris Jericho. Now that he’s without his title, expect the MDK leader be that much more laser-focused.

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